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Do you love animals? Do you want to set free or rescue animals? If you are looking for such type of game then Wonder Zoo Mod APK is the perfect selection. Also, this game is too much famous among children. It is because children love zoo games. This app provides you with the best 3D graphics environment that looks too amazing. The main purpose of this game is that player has to protect the animals from hunting. Build a safe dream Zoo for your animals and provide them with a healthy habitat. Work with the best animal rescue teams and save tons of wild animals from hunters. Bring the world’s best beautiful animals to your zoo and protect them.

Wonder Zoo Mod APK For Android

There are plenty of animals that you can rescue from different parts of the world including dinosaurs, tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, deer, zebras, and many others. Moreover, several locations for exploring and surviving the animals are given like deserts, alpine, mountains, and jungles. It comes with seven various maps locations and each location has different animals. So, when you rescue any animal keep its cage environment according to the animal habitat otherwise it is not possible for that animal to survive. Show your survival skills and bring more and more cute animals to your zoo. Moreover, you can open it for children so they can visit your zoo and in this way, you can earn money. When you have the world’s best animals it will attract more children as well as adults.

About Game:

The game comes with amazing and engaging gameplay. It allows you to build your own dream zoo. More, there is various type of animals in different locations and places and you will bring them all to a single place name Wonder zoo. Hire the best rescuing teams and save creatures from dying. Feed all the creatures with healthy food while keeping in mind all the animals needs different food. So, you have to feed them their food on time if you do not they gonna die. Take care of your animals and earn money.

This is a fantastic game that you never play before. All the animals look realistic. As there are seven different locations are given and in each location, you can find 2 animals and bring them to your zoo. For further you have to buy coins and money. If you do not buy coins you can not play further. But do not worry as you are in a Wonder Zoo Mod APK version that brings everything unlocked and free for you.

When you think you have fed the species and now they can survive can release them so they can enhance their family. Hire good Guardians for your zoo so they can take care of your place and animals in a better way. Explore different missions and increase your skills. Each mission has various tasks. The best part of this game is you are going to survive dinosaurs that are not alive in the real world. It is one of the most exciting things you ever experience in any animal survival game.

Wonder Zoo Mod APK

What is Wonder Zoo Mod APK?

This is a tile-placement game where you have a zoo. You have to fill this zoo with different animal species. It is one of the paid game on the internet. If you want to play it you have to pay for this. But here we bring Wonder Zoo Mod APK Unlimited Money version that provides you with everything free. This game has 2 modes. In the first mode, you build a zoo and in the second you bring and rescue animals. So, in the MOD APK version, it is all free.

Key Features:

Build Your Drem Zoo:

The people who love animals want to build a place where they can take care of animals. So, Wonder Zoo is an animal rescue game that gives you the opportunity to build your own zoo and bring your desired animals.

Decor Your Zoo:

A good decor place attracts everyone. So, the Wonder Zoo game gives you permission to decorate it. You can bring ice creams, chocolate, and many other shops to your zoo. Where children will enjoy the adventure with their favorite ice cream and chocolate. Grow flowers in every part of the zoo. Give various colors to each cage of the animal.

Bring Different Animals To the Zoo:

As there are many types of animals in the game you can bring all of them to your zoo. Bring different animals and make your zoo different from others. Also, different animals attract more people’s attention. So, keep going in collecting various species. Wonder Zoo Mod APK enables you to bring dinosaurs, foxes, monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, and deer.

Give Relief:

When you take care of your animal you came to know some animals are injured and some are not growing very well. So, when they are in your protection you can protect and rescue them. Feed them accordingly and help them in growing fast. Moreover, you can release them when you came to know they can survive themselves.

Different Environment For Each Animal:

You can extend the area of your zoo if you want to keep various types of animals. As we know each species required a specific place and environment where it can survive and grow. For example, a human in summer survives in a cold place. Similarly, the animals from different locations required different environments. A polar bear can survive in cold areas. Desert animals can survive in hot temperatures like lizards. So, you have to customize every animal cage environment accordingly.

Enjoy Different Locations For Safari:

When you go on safari there are plenty of options for the player to select of location and go. All locations have different species. Now, it is all up to you that you rescue the jungle. mountains or desert animals. Also, you can set a plane for each location. This means rescuing all the animals at different locations in a sequence.

Unlock All Animals:

If you are playing Wonder Zoo Mod version this gives you permission to unlock all the animals for free. This opportunity is only available on the mode version just. The play store version required money for unlocking each animal. All animals have different prices. If you do not unlock more animals in the paid version you cannot play this game further.

Unlimited Money and Coins:

Complete each mission and earn money and coins. The more animal you rescue the more money and coins you will earn.

Experience a New World:

When we are living in a modern city we have everything modern. We do not care what’s going on in other worlds. But when you download Wonder Zoo Mod APK All Animals Unlocked you experience an entirely new world. A world is full of wild animals. A totally different world that you never experience before.

Enhance Your Survival Skills:

When you rescue animals it increases your rescuing skills. So, if you for a safari in real life and get troubled in the jungle then these survival skills that you earn from wonder zoo will help you in surviving in a real jungle against wild animals.

Wonderful 3D Graphics:

It comes with eye caughty 3D graphics. All the things in 3D graphics look realistic. Experience the world’s best animal rescue 3d graphics freely.

Next Level Sound:

When you open the cage and use different survival vehicles, unlock anything in the game it produces a sound that feels your ear pleasure. Without having sounds a game cannot engage more users.

Different Vehicles For Surviving Animals:

For rescuing animals you need different vehicles that help you in bringing them to your zoo. As we know bringing an animal from a long distance without a vehicle is not possible. There are plenty of vehicles waiting for you including helicopters, cars, trucks, and others. Choose your favorite vehicles in each location and enjoy your journey.

Wonder Zoo Mod

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • No Ads
  • No Root
  • Free of virus

How to Save Animals?

There are many animal species in the world that would not be much more alive in the world further. So, there are the following steps that we can make and save them.

  1. Do not shoot them with guns but shot them with cameras.
  2. Do not allow hunting or ban hunting in the whole world.
  3. If someone hunts any animal must be punished.
  4. Do not put their lives in danger while doing any activities that harm them.
  5. Be kind to them and behave with them like we treat human beings.
  6. Do not cut forests. When we cut forests we damage their habitats. Without a habitat, it is not possible for any animal to survive.
  7. Always serve them healthy food.
  8. Hire the world’s best wild animal rescue teams that can help injured or attacked animals.

Precautions While Rescuing Wild Animals:

You must have to follow these steps even if you are going to rescue or caught animals in real life.

  • Do not touch injured animals without wearing gloves.
  • Do not touch them until you came to know they are behaving friendly.
  • Do not hit them directly.
  • Keep distance
  • Create a safe environment.
  • Do not touch until the animal is in a resting position.

How To Download Wonder Zoo:

  • The link for the Mod APK setup is given.
  • Simply click on the download button and the setup file will be automatically generated.
  • Now, save this file on your device (Mac, Windows, Andriod).
  • Force the file for installation.
  • Follow the instructions for the installation.
  • Keep yourself calm until all done
  • Enjoy the latest version of Wonder Zoo.

Wonder Zoo APK


Is Wonder Zoo on the app store? 

Yes, it is available on the app store but it asks you for money while downloading.

Can we play Wonder Zoo Without the Internet?

Of course yes, you can play it without an internet connection because it is an offline game.

Is Wonder ZooMod Version Safe to Play?

Yes, it is totally safe to download and play. This app does not contain any viruses. So, you can install it on your Android device and play it.

Final Verdict:

There are many people all around the world that love to rescue animals. They feel proud in rescue them. So, if you are also looking for a game where you can protect animals then you select the perfect game name Wonder Zoo. It gives you the freedom to protect different animals. You can travel worldwide and help the animals in growing better environment. Further, if you are a newbie it will take some time in understanding. If you are already using this game then you already know it has an easy UI. Wonder Zoo Mod APK helps you in killing your free time at home, the office, or any other place. Even you can play it with your friends and enjoy it more.



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