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True Skate MOD APK is the best skateboarding game that twists you over its different skateboarding parks & modes. Do you adore skating games? Or wanna flip and do tricks with your skateboard in a game? Then this game is for you. It is a fast-paced and fun game that makes you feel like you’re riding a real skateboard with cool tricks. It is an addictive game and slides through tons of ramps and slopes, flip jumps, and more cool tricks to go over the obstacles on each level and grab the stars and bonuses while sliding on your skateboard.

True Skate Introduction:

True Skate MOD is a skating game. Million people have downloaded this game from the play store. It is one of the best skateboarding games on the Google Play Store. The graphics are really awesome. the tracks are nitrous-filled, and you can get insanely deep learning at each level of the game. The gameplay is very simple. The sound effects and background music are impressive. Skateboarding is fun, and there’s nothing earth-breaking about it. 

True Skate MOD APK

It’s a great sport in itself, but if you make that sport even more amazing, you get this game. You jump on your board, and you flip over obstacles. Find the secrets hidden in each level and perform the tricks to get stars to get coins. Spend these coins on new boards and unlock them. Move faster through all levels, or unlock new decks by collecting rings. Each level looks pretty cool. In addition, there are also three-star modes for you to play, which will reward you with some extra coins.

Gameplay Story:

The gameplay is splendid, and there is a mess of numerous tricks and moves to grasp. You can learn these moves in the whole game. You would get extra points every time you do combos or do the board’s tricks. The controls are velvety, and there aren’t any lags at all. You can control the skateboard with your finger on the screen which looks pretty cool.  You would feel the thrill whenever you see the glistening stars or coins floating around the screen, and it would all be really fun. Numerous places have been beautifully designed and would definitely attract you. The stunts are rather splendid, and you would have an engaging and delightful time when you do them on your board.

True Skate Features:

Easy Controls:

The control is really simple, and there are no lags at all. Touch the screen to control your skateboard and jump over obstacles and hurdles, and flip to do tricks. Just swipe on the display to perform all of these actions. The controls are austere, but the game is compulsive.

Numerous Skateboards:

You will have the opportunity to use various skateboards in the game. The skateboards include those made of different materials, and this will allow you to perform all moves on a skateboard.

Plenty Of Missions:

There are plenty of exciting missions that are full of fun and you will get a lot of fun and excitement by completing these missions. Complete all these missions with full accuracy and win extra money and rewards.

Extra Skate Points:

There are various tricks that you can do and score points. Score the maximum points by completing combos, tricks, and stunts. These tricks will help you in increasing your score. A good score will increase your rank, which will unclose untried levels and bonuses.

Superb Graphics:

The graphics are simply brilliant, and you will surely love them. The graphics are quite real, and there is a sufficient amount of detail in the whole game. 

Fantasy Spots:

There are various fantasy spots in the Rue Skate Mod Apk Unlimited Money. You will enjoy the spots and witness some awesome scenes. These include a disco park, demon beach, psychedelic theme park, and more. Each of these fantasy sports is distinct, and this would hold you inquisitive in the game. Bad Piggies MOD APK

Great Animations:

The animations are simply amazing, and there is a mess of movement in the skateboarder. You would have a pleasing time eyeing the skateboarder move on display.

Amazing Sound Effects:

The sound effects are not just limited to the skateboard, you will also hear numerous sound effects, including the sounds of footsteps and jumps. Every sound has been designed to perfection and is very clear.

Dangerous Stunts:

The game has dangerous stunts, and the skateboarder will jump and perform stunts on the boards. There are also falling requirements, which will require you to jump in order to escape from the danger. These stunts will increase your score and have you on the fringe of your chair.

Customize Your Skateboard:

You would be capable of customizing your own skateboard. You can modify the color, wheel size, and wheel type. The customization is quite unique, and so is the reaction when you employ it.

Slow Motion Moves:

The game contains slow-motion moves which have an element of chance, and you have to recreate the game in a certain way to achieve them. The skateboarder will perform these moves at numerous points in time to get a reward.

All Levels Unlocked:

There are numerous skater levels to recreate in the True Skate Mod Apk all Skateparks Unlocked. Each with unique summons, tricks, and dangerous stunts. All levels are unlocked by this mod upon completion of all levels, which will provide you with an amusing experience.

No Ads:

Ads are annoying, especially if we expect them to be helpful and easy. This mod has removed all of the ads. You won’t face any aggravating pop-ups or overhearing ads. You would relish the freedom and expertise of the game.

Realistic Physics:

The skateboard moves exactly as it does in real life. You would have to possess proportion and command every time you are on your board. Realism is a great thing, as it helps restore some of the nostalgia. This game, thus, has taken a lot of time to ultimate physics.

All Skateboards Unlocked:

Numerous skateboards are available in the game to complete the levels. There are 2 sorts of skateboards such as rail boards and street boards. All of them are open to you. Pick any skateboard of your choice and show off your skills.

Street League:

The street league level is another unique feature. It will provide you with an opportunity to skate the streets and perform tricks on them. You would compete with numerous skaters globally and see how you fare against them. This would enhance your skills on the road, making you a street champion.

The Berrics:

The Berrics are a group of skaters with specific moves and tricks. They would have a specified time to conclude a move, and you need to be in the position for them to initiate the move. If you conclude the move in time, then you would earn a particular portion of points. Furthermore, combos would add up extra bonus points.

True Skate MOD APK

Exclusive Features Of This MOD:

  • All Skateboards Unlocked
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Customize Skateboard
  • Unique Places
  • Amusing Graphics

Our Experience With This MOD:

We have played this True Skate Mod Apk for numerous hours and have loved every bit of it. The graphics in the game are crisp and colorful. The soundtrack is very soothing and relaxing. Another innovative feature was the inclusion of such varied body types in the game. All levels are open to you. You can readily pick any level and practice as many times as you want. The controls are absolutely genius. It is very easy to learn, and you would not even realize how much time you have spent recreating the game. Overall, the game is just an awesome skateboarding game. We would very much advise you to give this amusing game a try.


1:Are all levels open?

Yes, all levels are open for you to recreate.

2:Which skateboards have you unlocked?

We have unlocked all skateboards in the game except for the silver skateboard and the special bumper skateboard.

3:Are there any bugs?

No, we haven’t encountered any bugs yet.

4:Are all skateboards open?

All skateboards are available for you to recreate.


True Skate MOD APK is an ideal game for skater lovers. It gives them enough skate knowledge and training. It will keep you amused for hours as you ride and learn numerous tricks. All in all, the various features add up to it making it a splendid game. You can readily control your skateboard with a few swipes of your screen. The graphics are just awesome, and the background music gives you fabulous vibes. 



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