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Car and bus simulation driving lovers want a new thing to drive that provides them with new exciting features. New things to drive that have some extraordinary factors. So Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK is here which has some new experiences and features for driving lovers. Like, adventure, natural environment, weather changes, traffic rules, police laws, villages, highways, midway cities, and much more.

Truck Simulator Ultimate APK

Do you have a wish for truck driving? Drive your truck in the natural environment of Europe. Where you have different missions for the driving truck. If these all wishes meet in a one-game then Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK All Truck Unlocked is here to complete all your wishes. This is the only game on the internet that comes with Simulation and Tycoon together. Drive your Trucks on all the roads of Europe. Become a Pro player and then build your own truck company and give your services across all Europe countries.

This game provides you with various missions for delivering oil, cars, and other different cargo. Complete all the missions while following the traffic and police rules and get rich in minimum time. While completing all these missions you will earn money and gifts. Use this money for different intentions and upgrade yourself. You can unlock fast trucks with this money that will help you more in driving fast on different routes while completing the missions fastly. When you play this game you gonna love it.


Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK is developed by ZUUKS GAMES. They provide you with different Android, IOS, and Mac games. Here we are discussing a game named Truck Simulator Ultimate. This is one of the best game for driving. In this game, different trucks waiting for you. Select one of them and get ready for your mission. Here you have different colors for trucks. Unlock your desired color with money and make your truck color that is pleasant to your eyes.

All trucks have different qualities and features. As you go further in the game you can unlock all the trucks one by one. Moreover, you will see various options on your mobile screen like Gifts, Garage, Drives, Jobs, and company. from the garage, you can select a truck. From the job option, you can see your job location. Further, from driver’s options, you can hire a PRO player with money that can drive more fastly and accurately the truck.

On the left side lower corner of the screen, you have setting options. From these setting options, you can control music, language, sound, quality, driver hands, Camera, layout GPS voice, and vibration. The player can control the truck with buttons, wheels, and gyro. All in all, from cameras you have front, top, outer, inner, and many other angles for controlling the truck. Each job is divided into different sections. The first job will complete with type c vehicles. While another will type C1, C+F, and E.

Each job has a distinct money offer. Some jobs will be on sunny, foggy, hills, inner cities, and village tracks. All tracks have traffic signs, hotels, petrol stations, tool plazas, and police. When you do not obey the traffic rules you will charge with plenty. Similarly, you have to follow the other rules for completing and becoming a good driver.

Also, you have radio options in Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK Premium Unlocked. Turon on the radio and listen to individual music and soundtracks. I must say the radio option is the best option in this game because while driving you cannot get bored while listing to music.  Simply that, it has all features that will entertain you. So, without wasting any time download the game from the download button and have fun.


The main purpose of this game is to fulfill the job missions. Drive your truck across all the Europe countries to complete these missions and earn money. All missions have time limits so you have to complete all the missions on time. If you do not succeed in your mission then you will lose and start the game again. When you drive your truck you will face other vehicles on the road including, cars, buses, trucks, and vegans. So, keep away your truck from all these vehicles as they are playing the role of hurdle in your missions.

Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod

More, you have to stop at the police station where they will check your cargo. If you do not stop then you will charge plenty of money. Moreover, if you get tired you have the option of resting at the hotel. take a room at a hotel and take a rest. All in all, during taking rest keep the time limit in mind. If you do not reach your location on the time the mission will fail. So, always keep yourself alert in Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK. 

While driving a truck petrol is needed. At the start, the fuel will be full but as you start driving the fuel will get lower. So, do not worry you have a petrol pump on the highways. From there you can buy petrol and continue further. So, when 1 mission will be completed then there are many more waiting for you.

Key Features:

Heavy Truck Collection:

It has many heavy racing truck collections for you. Each truck has the latest features. Earn a lot of money and unlock all of them. Without unlocking these trucks you cannot be a PRO player. So, it is necessary for a player to unlock all the trucks so he can end the game quickly. It is all because when he unlocks a new truck it is more powerful than the previous one that will help him to complete all the missions fastly.

Get Different Job Missions:

Each job has dissimilar locations, and time limits for cargo delivery. So, it gives you the opportunity to explore all the roads, and tracks, and have fun during driving. All in all, each job has individual money offers. Now, it is all up to the player who whom he goes with. Some jobs are easy to deliver and some required your hidden driving skills.

Drive The Truck Carefully for Gifts:

When you drive the truck carefully and follow all the traffic and police rules then you have a chance to win gifts. These gifts help you a lot in developing your carrier. So, now it is up to the player as he drives safely or not. If he does he has much more to win in Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK.

Hotels and Petrol Stations:

If you get tired during driving then on the highways you can book a room at the hotel and take a rest. But you have to keep the time limit in your mind. If you are running out of the time limit that is given for the missions then you gonna fail. All in all, there are petrol stations on the highways from where you can buy petrol and fill your truck with fuel.

Build Your Own Company:

Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK gives you a chance to build your own company and gives opportunity to others to work with others. This is one of the advanced simulation driving game where you can hire other drivers and enhance your company employees. All in all, you can build your company in various countries of Europe. Here are Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Span, Netherlands, and many others.

A number Of Cameras Angle:

Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK has a number of cameras angle from all these angles you can control your truck in an easy way. select 1 best angling camera that suit you most.

Unlimited Money and Gifts:

When you play this you have a chance to win a lot of money and gifts. This money and gifts will help you with shopping. Play this game and have fun.

Natural Environment:

It gives you the vibes of a natural environment where you do not get bored. All graphics give a touch of natural things.

Sound and Music:

Without sound and music, a game does not give a real feel. But this game gives you really natural sound. Enjoy the music while driving. More, when you hit or do not follow the traffic rules a sound will produce that lets you know that you have done something good or bad.

Truck Simulator Ultimate Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Mods Features:

  • No add
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Unlimited Money
  • No bugs
  • Unlock all the Truck

Latest Features:

  • A number of heavy racing trucks are here.
  • Unlock all modern simulator trucks.
  • Upgrade your driving skills.
  • Visit all Europe countries.
  • Natural environment.
  • Enough money and gifts for each mission.
  • Get rest, and eat food during the driving.
  • Drive the truck on beautiful highways, in mid-cities, on hills, and on other tracks.

Final Verdict:

This game is for those who want Simulation and Tycoon in one place. So, Truck Simulator: Ultimate gives you this opportunity. A game where you drive and earn money. You can tour all the Europe countries while driving a truck. It gives you a chance of building your own business in various cities in Europe. One the best simulation game on the internet. All the Mods are safe and free of viruses. So, what do you want more? just download it and play with your friends and with online community members. I hope you will like it more.



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