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There are many racing games on the internet that makes you happy. Now, do you want a stunt game where no need for planes tracks, and highways? If yes then install Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK on your device. It is a stunning arcade simulator game with Ultra 3D graphics. it has the world’s best spectacular difficult tracks. There are many hurdles in these tracks like turning corners and jumps. A lot of tracks at various locations are available. Select your favorite location and complete the tasks.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK

All in all, all tracks have a time limit. it means you have to complete all the tracks before time out. If you fail then the tasks will not be complete and you have to play it again. As there are no plane roads or tracks so you have to play Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK Unlimited Money with full attention. All the tracks are full of hurdles and barriers. Overcome all these barrier tracks and win unlimited money and rewards. All the tracks are risky. So, take a big risk and earn big.

These tracks have hidden keys. Collect all these hidden keys during the travel and unlock other adventure cars, and monster trucks. These monster trucks have some extra safety features that help in traveling across obstacles. Like they have good shape tires, nitro power, and more powerful engines than other cars. There are 30 best different cars with several features. Choose your aim car and complete all the levels.

The price of each car with its features is mentioned in Stunt Car Extreme APK. Also, different tracks have different challenges with prizes. The price depends on the track. The most difficult track you play the most money you will earn. So, do not waste more of your time in download  Stunt Car Extreme. Install it on your android device and have fun.


Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK has 30 different adventure, monster, and supports cars for completing the various stunt challenge of the game. All levels differ from each other. the excitement of the player increases at each level. Moreover, it comes with a number of modes. The best mode of this game is the challenge mode. In this mode, you can challenge other players and friends. Challenge mode has a monster track arena. Where you can do crazy jumping, and give a hard time to the other players. Would you want to be a Pro player in Stunt Car Extreme? if yes, then try challenge mode again and again because it always comes with a multiplayer mode where you can enhance your stunt skills.

Complete all the levels, challenge, and increase the power of your car. The more powerful car you will have the more chances of winning money, and unlocking all the cars. So, put all your driving skills and win everything. Also, there is a shop option from where you can change the color of your car. Even change other parts of the game like tires, engine, handling, boosting, etc. A controlling option is available. Control the music, sound, car speed, and others. Even 4 buttons are on the screen of your device from where you can control your car movement. You can speed up, jump, press break, flip up, and flip back.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK Unlimited Money

GamePlay Story:

The gameplay is full of enjoyment and fun. defeat your rival in challenge arena mode and came top on all other levels while crossing all the hurdles and obstacles given in the game. Race against trains, monster trucks, adventure cars, and in a monster car fire ring. Upgrade the power of your car and win all the challenges and levels without any hesitation. Win all the levels with your stunning car and your driving abilities. Challenge your driving skills with crazy car stunts and make impossible tracks possible.

Key Features:

Challenging Stunt Modes:

It contains different modes with different challenges. Try all the modes and enhance your driving performance. All modes have various difficulty levels to play. Play all the levels and experience new different levels next.

Stunning Stunt Car Collection:

This game comes with a number of superb support, adventure, and monster trucks with brutal engines. So, one of the best stunt car collections waiting for you. Unlock your favorite car and do challenge your stunt driving.

Unlock Dream Car:

As Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK comes with different car collections where you can unlock your favorite car. So, unlock your dream car and get ready for the stunt. Download Stock Car Racing MOD APK

Upgrade Car Power:

As you go to play further levels of the game the most powerful car will be needed. It is all because next all levels are more challenger for car and driver. By spending money you can upgrade your car’s power while converting the tires, engine, handle, and nitro. When you make all these changes in your car you found the car at the next level. Improve the car power and nobody can stop you from winning the whole game.

Easy Contol and Customization:

Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK has an easy controlling system for users. You can control and make changes according to your liking. Means can change the music and mute the sound or even can mute both music and sound. Even can control the level of sound and music. All in all, the player can customize his car while spending money.

Earn Money and Much More:

Earn money and much more while playing several levels and modes. All levels and modes have different prizes and money. Play all the levels and try to earn more money.

Chance of Winning Rewards:

If you are the best player and can finish all the levels before the time given then there is a chance of winning rewards. These rewards help you future in your Stunt Car Extreme career. So, reach the destination before time and earn unlimited rewards.

Collect Hidden Treasure:

There is a lot of hidden treasure is waiting. Collect all the treasure with your mind and skills. In this treasure, you will find hidden keys, coins, and much more. So, use all this treasure in increasing your skills and powers. The most powerful player you will be in the game the more winning opportunities for you.

Best Ultra HD Graphics:

A game without graphics does not attract users. Best in Stunt Car Extreme you do not even think about it will not have the best graphics. The graphics are HD and so realistic that you will love it. The graphics will never let you down. It always keeps your game intention high.

Sound and Music:

The sound and the music are so good to hear. When you unlock a car, jump, drift, or whatever you do during the game the sound comes fabulous and natural. Even the music keeps you entertained throughout the game.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK Unlock All Cars

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Cars Unlocked
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Keys
  • No Ads

Handy and Helpful Hints:

Always select a more powerful car. A car that meets all the challenges. Keep your hand on the power button before starting the game. As the game starts the car will start traveling with time. if you do not press the accelerating button before the game start then there is a chance of a time out. Further, when you face sloping tracks use the boosting and nitro. As you click on the boosting or nitro button it converts your car speed into a rocket. Also, save the nitro at the end. In the end, at some levels, you need a boost as the time left is too short in seconds. So, there you can increase the speed of your car while ticking on the nitro. Press the brake button where it’s needed.


If you think you can better control a car then Stunt Car Extreme Mod APK is the best option for you. choose different brutal cars and complete the different challenging levels and tracks that are full of difficulties. Complete all the levels as fast as possible before time out. Race against the world’s best players in multiplayer mode and raise your driving performance. Fly your car in the air while boosting the button. Win unlimited rewards and money while playing Stunt Car Extreme Mod. Different tracks have different challenges and rewards. Do your best and be the Top player among all the players worldwide.



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