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Hi Everone! Still, are you waiting for the latest strategy game where you defend yourself? A tower defense game that has magical characters for you in helping in protecting your kingdom? If my question sounds good then your wait is over. brings Rush Royale Mod APK for you. It is one of the best tower-defending game. It has 2 different modes. Grab the opportunity and get into the world of monsters and human beings. select your monster character with Demange weapons and show your defensive power against your rival.

Rush Royale Mod

Plenty of tower defending games are available on the internet but Rush Royale Mod has some new features and adventure for the players. Many people all around the world download it in millions and still, people love it and download it. If we go to our past history we came to know about many battles. These all were real where people lost their lives and much more. But in this era, it is not possible for humans to start a battle against each other.

if any country starts a war the world will face a big crisis. That is not good for the world. But do not worry when Rush Royale Mod APK Unlimited Everthing is here to help you out. In this game, without losing lives you can fulfill your battle wish. Play the role of a defensive character and bring peace among your people. This game has many heroes character. Select various characters for each level and beat your opponent.

The main purpose of this game is to defend your castle against your enemy. They will try to chase your tower but you have to defend. for all that purpose you have many powerful heroes. Use their power against them and win the game. All in all, for defending you also need the best strategy that helps you in saving your castle. Use different plans for different levels.


The game starts with a tutorial video. A tutorial video is necessary for the beginner as without watching an informative video about a game will not be possible to play it. Select your soldier unit and start the game. Surround the tower with your magical heroes and defend. Also, you have the option of merging. Merge more power in a single hero that can do more damage to the enemy.

They will run around your tower and try to kill all your unit troops. But without thinking about killing do not show pity. All your enemies are full of dangerous weapons like arrows, rockets, and many powers. If you little bit distracted you are in danger. A single arrow can do the damage. So, keep yourself and your army alert. All in all, always try to increase your skills according to the levels in Rush Royale Mod APK.

The more powerful troops you have the more chance of winning. While winning different levels you will earn a lot of money, coins, gems, rewards, and much more. Use all this money and rewards in enhancing the power and include some extraordinary hunters, archers, throwers, trappers, and many other giant soldiers. When you have all these soldiers in your troop the army will become more powerful. In this way, you can beat the rival in no time.

Rush Royale APK

Moreover, you have the 4 best cards in the game. More, with all these cards it becomes easy for the player to beat his enemy in the arena. It is because of having the best powers.

All cards have a unique hero with magic powers.

The name of the cards are:

Portal Maga:

It has the power of killing or disappearing the opponent soldier at the moment with his magical power.


This character helps you in the bombing. As the enemy try to surround your castle with a large army it starts throwing bombs that done their much more damage.


As its name shows it can exit the enemy in no time. It is one of the most powerful cards in the game that helps a lot. It can kill a number of enemies in a single shot. it almost did the damage by 42%.


One of the best powerful monster cards in Rush Royale Mod APK. The main purpose of this character is to increase your merger rank. More the higher rank you have the more powerful your army you have in the arena.


You are playing the role of commander. Line up your army troops against your rival. Use all of your power and skills in defending your tower. Attack with arrows, rockets, and bombs. Make the best tactics and strategies in defending your castle people. All the people of your kingdom only rely on you. In this gameplay, you are the only hope for them. So, always play Rush Royale Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems with an open mind. If you are making a single mistake in the game the enemy let you and your army down.

Key Features:

2 Special Defending Modes:

It comes with 2 different defending modes. Both modes have various tasks, challenges, difficulty levels, rewards, and much more. Try them both and have fun.

Line Up the Defending Troops:

As the enemy came for attack you must line up your army troops. Fix the position of each soldier and defend your tower from all the way.

Choose Moonster Heros:

There are many heroes with giant power are waiting for you. Each one of them has distinguished power. Try their power and protect your realm.

Enhance The Power of Unit: 

You can not know how hard the next level is so enhance the power of your unit. A skillful unit of army defends any kingdom in an easy way. So spend money, coins, and other things in increasing the power of your unit.

Beat The Rival in Arena:

Do not come with a defeat. Instead of losing show your all power and skills then no one stops you from conquering. So, taste a defeat to your enemy. Check Conquer The Tower Mod APK

Challenging Levels:

All levels have different challenges for you. Play all the levels one by one and know more about the challenges. Also, these challenges will help you in increasing your courage.

Polish your Skills:

As you play Rush Royale APK more and more it gives you a chance of polishing your skills. Play again and again and become a Pro Player.

Play with Online Members and Friends:

Rush Royale Mod APK does not let you get bored. If you and your friends are anywhere can play it online. Join the online community and challenge your friends. Similarly, you can also play it with another skilful players from all around the world.

Chat With Online Community:

Now, this game has introduced a new feature for interacting with all the members of the game community. Where you can share your tricks, tips, and other things about the game. So, grab this opportunity and interact with the PRO player and let them know more about the best tactics and strategies.

Sound and Stunning Graphics:

As you select attack your enemy the sounds look cool. When you launch a rocket, or arrow it sounds looks too real. So, behind the game, the noise takes a part in engaging the player. Moreover, the graphics are too cool and do not let the player get bored.

Rush Royale Tower Defence

Mod Features:

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Money and Gems

Free Rewards

Bugs Fixed

How To Download?

  1. The latest version setup file is given in the download buttons.
  2. Click on the button and download the file.
  3. Now save it on your device and then install it.
  4. Wait for the complete process and then open it.

What’s New?

  • In PvP mode, the projectile travel time increases.
  • A list of new emojis and total information about them.
  • Know about all the heroes, booses, units, modes, and machines in more detail.
  • A tab with new news, announcement, and patch notes has been added.
  • Also, join the community and share your thoughts, and chat with them.
  • New booses like curse and panic are introduced in the game.


How do you win Rush Royale every time?

When you have better quality and quantity of troops then you can win Rush Royale every time.

Can I play Rush Royale on PC?

Of course, you can play it on various devices like Mac, Windows, Linux, and android.

Is Rush Royal Free?

It is 100% freely available on Just click on any download button and get Mod and APK setup files.

Tips and Tricks:

Make one of the best strategy in each level as the enemy came you just kill him in no time. Win all the levels one by one so you can earn money and coins. Now, use all of them in bringing more monster heroes to your army. Always keep soldiers from each side of the tower. Do not spread a single corner of the castle without a soldier. Bring archer, and defender in the next levels as it goes and goes further.

Final Verdict:

If you love clash games then here you have the best grabbing opportunity. in this game, your main aim is to protect your castle against your enemy. One of the best strategy game where you are playing the role of supreme commander in defending your kingdom. A powerful characters group is there in the game that helps you in protecting your tower. While doing all this you will earn money, coins, rewards, and much more. All modes with the latest version are available. It gives you the proper opportunity of showing your defending skills toward your rival. Download all of them and play with your friends and family. If you really like Rush Royale Mod APK share it with your lovers one.



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