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Have you ever played a game where you do not think about laws or even killing someone? Do you love action and shooting games? A real world of gangsters that contains killer gangs? A gangster world where they do not obey any law. Then without wasting any time download Real Gangster Crime Mod APK. As we all know the young generation wants some shooting and fighting games. So, Naxeex Studio brings Real Gangster Crime Hack for you. Enjoy your gangster life while playing it.

Real Gangster Crime Mod

If you like crime roles then it is the perfect game for you. Some people do not like heroes but like criminals as their thinking is illegal. So, here you have a chance to fulfill your villain desires. In this game, you can fight with policemen and others. do not obey the laws and have fun with your lawbreaker activity. The story of the game is very simple. The player will act like a gangster. This gangster can breaks laws anytime anywhere.

This game is in the city of New Vegas. This city is full of dangerous criminal gangs. You have to improve yourself as a real gangster who is more powerful than others gangs. Overcome all these gangs and be a king. But it is not too easy for anyone to play a role like that. But when you apply all your criminal skills then you have a chance to rule this city that has a different wild fighting criminal crews.


This game is developed by Naxeex Studio. The game is fully stunning with 3D graphics. It has various missions for the player. Complete all these missions and win rewards and money. Moreover, it gives you permission to select your character. The player makes changes in their character. You can change the color, dress, and much more. Also, you can increase your defensive power while using money. Further, as you go into the depth of the game you have very dangerous missions. For completing all these missions you must have more power. So, do not worry it has all those things that can help your survival. Just increase your attacking, defective as well as health power. When you do all these things then you will feel so powerful yourself.

Real Gangster Crime Mod APK Unlimited Gems provided you with guns, bombs, and vehicles. These guns are of different types including shooting, revolvers, pistols, and many others. There are tanks, cars, bikes, and helicopters to defend and complete the current mission. Drive and ride these cars and bike on roads and have fun. Moreover, you can snatch other people’s bikes and cars. Even you can use the police car after stealing it. Do whatever in the game as a criminal mind has. Hit the people, fight with the police and do all other illegal tasks. But be defensive otherwise they can hit you and do health damage.

The player will experience a new thing in Real Gangster Crime Mod APK For Android. As we think living a good person’s life is not easy for anyone but when you play it you came to know living a gangster life is even worse. So, it has a moral for you in a real life. So, all the challenging missions are waiting for you. Play it and live it up.


Real Gangster Crime Mod APK has a number of missions for you. During completing these missions do not show mercy to anybody as you cannot trust anyone because you never know who is your enemy. Do whatever you want to complete the missions. Use cars and bikes in escaping from policemen. Kill the enemy and policemen with weapons as your role is a gangster.

Real Gangster Crime Mod APK Unlimited Money

Key Features:

A Special Experience:

As its name shows real gangster crime is a game packed with criminal experiences. In this game, you do not show pity to anyone. If you show mercy then they will kill you as there are many gangs in it.

Examine New City:

A beautiful city is waiting for you. Just go there and explore it. A city is full of buildings, beaches, racing tracks, and much more. Also, nobody can stop you as you are a gangster. If someone does you can shoot them at the moment.

Latest Weapons and Vehicles:

There are the latest weapons and vehicles are there. You will see heavy bikes, racing cars, bikes, bicycles, and helicopters. Stop any bike or car and use it for your mission. Also, the latest weapons like pistols, snippers, and many others are for shooting the enemy. These all vehicles and weapons help you a lot in different missions.

Challenging Missions:

There are many missions that have various purposes. As you go on further missions you will find them challenging. At the start, you will complete tiny missions. When you complete these small missions you can earn money and reward. All in all, you can shop for the latest weapons and increase your power. Also, you are surrounded by dangerous enemies. These enemies can attack at you anytime. So, always keep alert.

Upgrade your Skills:

As you complete 1 mission it gives you the opportunity to upgrade the skill. This new skill will help you a lot further. Skills like swimming, riding, shooting, and fighting. Also, without these skills, you are not able to win the game. So, you must have to upgrade your skills.

Active Police: 

Where you will find criminals you also have police there. This police is responsible for the city’s safety and peace. When they look for someone in criminal activity they try to catch them.

Keep away Yourself From Police:

As you avoid from police it will help you a lot in living and storing your health. they always try to chase you. If they chase they gonna kill you. So, it is necessary for a player to keep away himself from the police.


Real Gangster Crime Mod APK has guiding maps. These maps give you information about your chasing locations. Also, when you are on a bike or car it let you know about tracks and roads.

Easy Contol System:

You can control your character with buttons and other helping tools. You will find all the controlling systems too much ease.

Sound and Graphics:

Full HD graphics and realistic sound. When you hit, shoot, drive, or even do any activity you hear a sound that feels you that you are doing all this in real. The graphics of this game are stunning. Full 3D graphics with Ultra HD mode.

Customization Option:

You can customize your character in an easy way. Plenty of hairstyles, tattoos, clothes, and styles are waiting. Adopt one each of them and customize your character as you think a real gangster looks according to your desire.

Earn Money and Rewards:

Real Gangster Crime Mod APK Unlimited Money gives you the opportunity to win money and rewards. Use this money and rewards in upgrading your character and unlocking advanced weapons. Earn more and more money and win the game easily.

Real Gangster Crime Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Mods
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Adds
  • No Bugs

How To Download?

Go through the download button and land on another page. Sometimes when you click on the download button it will automatically download.

When the file is downloaded simply run it on your system.

It will take a little bit of time but once you click on the install button.

Now, do all the next processes as it asks you further.


Can we play real gangster crime on PC?

Yes, you can easily play it all mods version on PC.

is real gangster crime the lightweight game?

Yes, it almost has a 100MB setup. That you can easily download and install on your device.

is real gangster crime mod safe to play?

This game has a safe and sound mod version. So do not worry about any bugs or viruses.

Final Verdict:

The Real Gangster Crime Mod APK game is for those who love negative characters. A character of a real criminal gangster. Experience a world of crime. Also, this game is suitable for those who do not want to obey laws. Kill, shoot, and fight with other powerful gang members and police. This game will give you complete information about a gangster. Earn money and rewards. Unlocked different mods and play. All in all, learn the skills of crime. But we want to let you know to play it as a game. Do not play a critical role in a real life. I hope this information finds you in better knowledge and awareness.



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