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As the name of the game shows us all it is a motorbike racing game. Are you looking for a bike race game? Are you interested to play a game where you can ride a bike like a bullet and earn money? So, here is the question that comes to mind are you a bike racing lover? if yes then this game is for you. Racing Fever Moto Mod APK is waiting for you so play it and live your dreams. This is the world’s best racing game that is played all our the world. When we watch the moto GP bike race we also wish to play it live that is not possible. But do not worry because Racing Fever Mod APK is here. Play this and complete your moto GP bike racing dream.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK

Brief Info of Racing Fever Moto:

This game was developed by Gameguru. 1st it was released on May 5, 1996. It has unique best racing bikes. Pick one of them and start racing. Also, it has many dangerous tracks. You must have to race on these dangerous tracks against your opponents. All the opponents are PRO players. So, you also have to be PRO otherwise you are out of the contest.

while playing this game you will earn a lot of money and coins. Further, you can use these coins and money in upgradation. The player must upgrade his bike features as he inters into the next level. If the player does not upgrade his bike features he cannot win the next level. All in all, you have to be conscious during the race otherwise it will be too much difficult for you to win the level. All levels are contained on the dangerous tracks full of excitement.

Racing Fever Mod APK Download has various modes like multiplayer, missions, free rides, gunluk, and police. Now, it is all up to the player which mode he chooses first. But here I will add one thing more it is not easy for any player to direct play multiplayer mode. Because multiplayer needs some riding experience and for that, you have to try free ride mode. In free ride mode, you can enhance your bike racing skills and then can participate in other modes. In gunluk mode, you can win rewards and increase your money and coins numbers that will help you further improve yourself and your current bike.

Moreover, the free ride mode is too much easy in this game. Play it and develop your skills. All in all, the police mode is a little bit difficult as the player is busted by the police. All police cars are full speedy. They can easily chase you if you do not play it mindfully.

Gameplay Story:

The gameplay is very interesting as a racing game should have fantastic gameplay. As the game starts, it asks you for the ride name. So, put your name and register yourself. Now, go to the showroom and unlock the first bike. More, the next bike is not unlocked. Now, it is up to the player that earns money and makes able to unlock the further bikes. Play all the modes and earn more and more coins, rewards, and money.

In all tracks, you will face traffic hurdles. These hurdles are in the form of cars, buses, trucks, and police cars. If you hit any car then you have only 2 options for survival. If the player does not survive in these 2 chances then the level will start from the beginning. Also, police cars will try to chase you and try to stop. These all tracks are in the form of gangs. these gangs’ tracks are given in the sequence. The first gang name starts with Town Suburbs. Other track names are Desert Foxes, Winter Gang, City Dunk, Ice Pillagers, The rebel Squad, and Fire Wolf riders.

Each gang player is pro and ready to defeat you. But once you improve your skills then it is not easy for that gangs to overpower you. complete the first gang tracks and enter the next one. For the next tracks, you have to upgrade your bike. Now, you can buy the next speedy bike with the money and coins that you have earned from completing the previous levels. These heavy racing bikes’ have Max Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Breaking, and Nitro option. So, you use the coins and enhance the features of your bike.

As you improve the features of your bike then it becomes easy for you to defend yourself in an easy and better way. you can even change the color of the bike. Further, you have different angle cameras in Racing Fever Moto Unlimited Money. Change all of them and look at what is perfect for you. All in all, you have customization options from where you can choose language, quality of the graphics, sound effects, music, speed unit, lane type, control, and Gas. All in all, here at Racing Fever Moto you can decrease and decrease the level of sensitivity.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK

the graphics quality is given in low, medium, high, and ultra forms. choose one of them and start your race. Also, you have many options for language so select one language that suits you. So, from the language, it is clear that it supports various countries all around the world. All in all, you can turn on and off the sound effects and music. also, you have the option to go with both music & and sound effects. Speed unit is given in the form of KMH and MPH. the lane type is given in single road traffic and double side. The bike’s control is in the Gyro, Button, Handle Bars, and Joystick form. Select one of them and control your bike. further, you can control your bike’s manual and auto.

Now, it is all up to you in which GAS you can handle your bike easily. All in all, when you are in a trouble you can click on the nitro button and increase your bike race. Nitro is mostly needed at the gang boss level because their bike and cars are highly speedy and it is not easy for the player to beat them without using nitro. These are tracks are given by the time bar. these levels Start with the morning, afternoon, night, desert, forest, winter, summer, and shiny day. So, these all-time bars make games and their graphics much more stunning.

Also, you can earn a bonus from each track while keeping the rule of the game in mind. Racing Fever MotoAPK has different track modes like Normal race, No crash race, No nitro race, No traffic race, Elimination race, and time limit race. While racing on these tracks you can change the traffic setting while increasing and decreasing the density, speed, lane change, difficulty level, distance between the cars, and the number of opponents. Also, have fun with this bike game Mad Skill Motocross 2 MOD APK 

Latest Key Features:

21 Unique Racing Bikes:

In this game, you have 21 the best racing game. Play all these bikes and make yourself PRO with one of them. Each bike has different features from the others. Some bikes have high speed, some have high nitro, and much more. These all features make them different & unique from each other.

High-speed Riding:

Ride your bike at high speed and win the level before time and win against your opponent. Also, play with your friends online at high speed and have some fun.

Easily Customization and Controlling Options:

Racing Fever gives you permission to control and customize your rider and bike according to your wish. You can choose various modes, bikes, tracks, and much more. You can do all that without facing any issues. So, it comes with an easy controlling and customization option.

Multiple Tracks and Gangs:

There are a number of tracks for racing in the form of gangs. Each gang has a boss. More, the boss track is one the toughest track that a player will face. All tracks are full of hurdles. Gangs will try to defeat you in these dangerous tracks but you must have to survive.

Different Interesting Modes:

Without having different modes game looks boring but Racing Fever Moto Download has various modes to play. These modes’ names are multiplayer, missions, free ride, gunluk, and police. All these modes are totally free to play. While playing these modes you can enhance your power and can earn money and coins.

Earn Coins, Money, and Reward:

Racing Fever gives you the opportunity of earning money, rewards, and coins so you can utilize them and make your game more interesting. Also, you can use these coins, and money for various purposes during the game.

Wonderful Graphics: 

Having medium graphics in a game makes no sense. But Racing Fever Moto brings Ultra graphics mode that makes this game more interesting and beautiful. Also, you have the option of graphics customization option so you can change the normal, high, and ultra HD quality result.

Sound & Music:

Without music and sound, there will be no interest for the user in a game so sound and music make a game fully complete platform where you can enjoy music and be relaxed. So, Racing Fever Moto has amazing bike sounds and has music in the background. Moreover, you can change the setting of the music and sound. If you only want the music then mute the sound or if want only sound then mute the music.

Camera Angles:

It has different camera angles for the users. If you want more zoom then there is an option for you. If you want to control your bike a little bite top from the head you can control it in this way. So, it becomes too easy to control a bike when you have many options for cameras.

Different Types of Languages:

As it supports various types of languages so you can select your desired language and can understand the game roles and other information provided for the users.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK

Download Options:

Racing Fever Moto MOD APK rexdl is here with full setup file.

Racing Fever Moto MOD apkdone is waiting for you here.

MOD Features:

Unlimited money & Coins

21 best racing Bikes.

Awesome Racing tracks.

Pro Opponent that makes the contest more interesting.

No ads are there in Racing Fever Moto.

How To Download?

I will say download Racing Fever latest Version from the given links.

Once you click on the link it will automatically download the setup.

Now, run this setup on your device (Mobile, PC, MAC, Linux)  and wait for the next step.

All in all, the instructions are given so keep all these instructions and do all the process sequences.

When you think all things are perfect then click on the finish button and get access to your app.


Is Racing Fever Moto an offline game?

Yes, this game is available in offline mode so yes you can easily play it offline.

How to play racing fever moto?

Once you have installed it on your device then take a deep look at the video tutorial and try to play it. Otherwise, you have YouTube and google options. go there and watch some videos and then try once again.

Final Thoughts:

If you are a bike racing game lover then definitely try Racing Fever Moto Mod APK. The game has world-high racing motorbikes that you never played with them before. the graphics are very eye caugty. Also, you have many customization options according to your desire. Select your bike and get into action.

Easily playable on PC, Mac, and Android. Lifetime mod and APKS license where you can full fill your moto dreams and wishes. When moto.GP race time required then just install Racing Fever Moto. I must say when you play this game you gonna love it. Also, you can share with your friends and family member. If you really like this game then kindly let us know in the comments section below.



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