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Are you excited about knowing about ants living? Do you know how ants live in a colony? if not then must try Pocket Ants Mod APK. This is an android game that gives all information about ants and where they live, eat, and do other activities. When we are in our childhood we witness many ants moving in our surroundings. They live in a tiny hole. In those days we want came to know how they can survive in a tiny hole. So, Pocket Ants for android bring with all packed information about ants living.

Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimited Money

So, Pocket Ants come with all the information on how they work to provide food to their children and queen. Pocket Ants Mod APK is a simulation game that required different strategies during gameplay. Also, it helps kids and adults in making their minds sharp as it involves mind clarity. So play with its simple gameplay that will completely let you know how the ants work hard.

This is an online game where you build ants colony. The main purpose of this game is to build ants colonies where they can do their special tasks while solving different missions and levels. It is a very lightweight app that lets you play in a single mode or challenge your friends and other online players in multiplayer mode. It has a very easy and friendly interface that makes the gameplay to the next level.


A number of ants are there to help you in collecting resources for survival. collect more resources and expand your chambers. Further, improve these chambers. More chambers you improve the more bonus you will win. Moreover, give enough food to your queen and let her lay more eggs. Defend your fence against your opponent while giving different tasks to your ant army.

Play the role of colony commander under the queen. Assing various missions to your ant army like storing food, collecting other living resources, battling against your enemies, and many others. Upgrade your colonies and army strength. Do not allow your enemy to overcome you in a simple way. protect your fence and be a champion.

Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimited Gems


As you open the game first it asked for your name. Put your name and let’s start the game. The controlling of the game is very responsive. In controlling these ants you have 2 options name are joystick and buttons. Both are very simple and easy to use. Select both of these that suit you better and you think I will control the ants with this option in a better way.

Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimted Resouces comes with 50 levels. All levels are different from each other so you required different numbers of ants in rescuing your kingdom and queen in each level. More, you can upgrade your soldier every time. The more you upgrade the more powerful ant soldiers you will get. For doing all that you have enough money. So, earn a lot of money and play further missions while enhancing the power of your ant’s army.

Can take part in different missions against rivals. Bring a powerful army in multiplayer mode and battle against the enemy. If your ant soldier dies you can bring a new soldier from anthill while clicking on the Recruit button. Also, these ants give eggs. Hatch these eggs and new ants baby will be born. Feed them well and further, they can help you with different tasks.

Pocket Ants APK

Key Features:

Construct Ant Colony:

Ant is the only creation of species that is everywhere on each part of the earth. Are you looking for a platform where you can build a safe home for ants? if so then must try Pocket Ants Mod APK Unlimted Money. Build colonies for them and give them shelter.

Developed Ant Army:

If you want to survive against your enemy in this game then developed a strong army of ants. A powerful army will protect you from enemy attacks and make sure your ant colonies are safe.

Lead Your Ant Army:

In this game, you play a role of a commander. You can assign different work to the ant. Be a creative army leader and comes up with new ideas in war. A good plane will help you in defending your ant kingdom.

Collect Food and Resources:

As we know ants do not remain at their home. They always keep moving in search of food and resources. So, you have to bring more food for your ant army. A healthy army can battle well. So, keep your ant’s army healthy while feeding them well. Collect food in the form of leaves, seeds, and grains. Also, you can upgrade the food resources when you have enough money. Unlock different food for your ant and keep them healthy.

Battle Against Other Creatures Troops:

Keep in mind other ants’ troops can attack your colonies and will try to achieve. But you have to protect. All in all, not only ants but other creatures similar to ants can attack you and will try to steal your food. So, keep alert and defend yourself.

Upgrade Your Army:

For doing different tasks and surviving in battles you have to upgrade your ant’s army. If you go with a few ants troop you cannot do your work fastly or even can’t protect your colonies. So, for all that you have to upgrade your army.

Build New Colony For NewBorn Ant:

When we feed more to the queen it is born new babies. So, to give them shelter and food you can build new colonies and unlock food. But for all that you have enough money. Do all the work that assign to you and earn much more money. In this way, you can do all things for your ant easily.

Fight in Multiplayer Mode:

As it comes with a number of modes that make this game more interesting. Here you can fight in a multiplayer mode against your friends and other players worldwide. Invite your friends in multiplayer mode and challenge them.

Learn Survival Skills:

When you fight and collect food for your ant family you are trying to survive in these circumstances. So, This game gives you permission to learn some survival skills. these skills can help you in your actual life in a different situations.

Feed Ant Queen Well:

In Pocket Ants Mod APK, feed your queen well. When a queen will feed well it will born more and more babies that can help you in different work. If you do not feed well your queen then it will become difficult for you to defend. When a queen will not born with more ants it will become difficult for you to survive long.

Complete Number Of Missions:

You will provide a number of missions in this game. Complete all these tasks one by one and achieve more rewards. Also, keep in mind all the missions are different. So, you must go with differing mindsets to solve them.

Free Shopping:

The moded version of Pocket Ants Mod comes with free shopping. In the mod version, you can unlock food, ant skins, ant troops, and much more.

Collect Unlimited Purple Gems: 

Purple gems will help you in collecting food resources and other items like free battle tokens, fungus, skins, strawberries, and much more. So, collect more purple gems and make the game more easier for yourself.

Defend your Colony:

Anytime enemy ants can attack your colonies so defend against them and bring victory. It is not easy to defend the colonies in a simple way. Unlock the dangerous skins that make your enemy frighten as you will show front them bigger and stronger.

Unlock Skins:

There are several skins are in Pocket Ants APK game. All the skins come in different colors. Unlock your favorite color and put it on your ant. Also, you can unlock the most dangerous ant skins that look like you are facing some brutal murderous ants. You must unlock these murderous skins that will keep your enemy away from you.

HD Graphics:

The graphics of the game are engaging. Too good to experience interesting gameplay.

Music and Sound:

When you attack, unlock, or do other activities it produces sound in the background that make the game original. Also, you can hear pleasant music in the background. If you want only music then can mute the sound or vice versa.

Easily Control System:

All the things are very easy to control. You will never feel bad while controlling the ants, or other things in the app. So, reliable and flexible.

Pocket Ants Mod APK

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked All Ant Skins
  • Unlimited Food and Resources
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems


what is Pocket Ants Mod APK?

It is an ant game where you build colonies for ants and fight against your enemy. Collect food and survival resources for your ants and expand your colonies and bring more and more ants to your colonies.

How to download Pocket Ants Mod APK?

The Download button is given for setup. Click on the button and get the setup. Now, run this setup and play it.

Is Pocket Ants Mod APK safe to play?

Of course, it has the latest version that is free of viruses. So, yes you can play safely.

Is Pocket Ants Mod APK a Multiplayer Game?

Yes, this is a multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends and other players in different combats.

Final Words:

If you want to know and explore ant life then must download this game. It gives you all detail about how they are born, feeds their babies, does work together, and much more. Build different colonies and bring changes to them according to your like. Comes with RTS battles where you can challenge the world’s best players in battle combat. Overall, Pocket Ants Mod APK is very stunning and lovely to play.



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