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Shooting and action games are mostly liked by people worldwide. These games provide a different gaming experience while keeping you engaged and killing your free time. Are you also looking for an action game? Do you really want to download a game where you compete against your rival within the space? If yes then download Nova Legacy Mod APK. In this game, you play the role of the hero. The main purpose of this game is to save the earth from enemies.

nova legecy mod apk

It comes with a number of missions. Battle against your enemies in these missions and win unlimited money. In this shooter game show your shooting skills and eliminate your opponent. It allows you to play as a first-person shooter as well as multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends and world players online. Now, it is all up to the player which mode he chooses first. In all these modes you are awarded brutal weapons like rifles, plasma guns, shotguns, handgun sniper rifles, alien lightning guns, rocket launchers, and many others. Select one of your desired weapons and battle against your enemy.

Nova Legacy Introduction:

Nova Legacy is developed by Gameloft. This game is full of action. it provides players with shooting experience. It comes with a number of missions. Nova Legacy Mod APK is an action shooter game. You play the role of shooter Kal Wardin, who will protect human beings against alien invaders with the help of  Cortana, and Yelena. The game is easy to play. Just keep firing on the enemy with weapons. It allows you to adjust and upgrade your weapons accordingly. The sound of the game is perfect. The control of the game is very easy. You can control your character by clicking the left and right buttons on the screen. Download War Robots MOD APK


In Nova Legacy Mod APK Unlimited Everything you play the role of commander name Kal Wardin. The aliens from space try to destroy the Earth. You have to save the earth from aliens’ attack. There are plenty of battles that you have to win against the alien’s army. For fighting against aliens you are awarded with special space suites and equipment. This equipment will help you in eliminating the enemy. There are huge collections of other weapons that you can unlock with money. Unlock the more dangerous weapon and kill aliens. It will all happen when you win all the missions. So, keep winning different missions and experience the next challenging missions.

nova legecy apk

you have to survive in this game at any cost otherwise aliens will destroy the human race. You are playing the role of bridge between human beings and aliens. Do not take your enemies too lightly in any missions because enemies are also powerful and they can also eliminate you anytime. So, keep moving forward and shoot whatever came in your way. Honestly speaking the gameplay is fun. It has so many good things like surviving yourself in the battle against numerous opponents.

Key Features:

Multi Challenging Missions:

Multi Modes:

This game has various modes like deathmatch mode, Campaign mode, and death squad mode. All modes are very challenging and different from each other. You will experience different things in all these modes. All modes have various missions for you. the most difficult mode is  Campaign mode. In this mode, you have almost 19 missions, and all of these come with dangerous enemies. They can destroy your body’s survival percentage in seconds. So, keep aware yourself when the enemy tries to attack you.

Survive Against Aliens:

In this game, your battle is against aliens. These aliens come from space and will try to attack Earth. So, save your earth’s people from alien attacking troops. It is only you that can save the Earth. Survive yourself at that time until you cannot kill a single alien. A single alien has huge power so you cannot spare a single alien. Survive yourself against all dangerous creatures.

Huge Collection of Weapons:

There is a huge collection of weapons available that can save you against the enemy. More, a number of various types of weapons are given in the form of rifles, plasma guns, shotguns, alien lightning guns, and rocket launchers. In all missions, you have different options for weapons. Choose the weapons accordingly in all missions.

Customize Your Weapons:

Nova Legacy Mod allows you to customize the weapons according to your likey. You will able to customize the weapon when you earn a lot of money and coins. So, win much more money and spend it on upgrading your weapons. You can also purchase new weapons and gain an edge in an ongoing mission.

Build a Powerful Team:

There are a number of missions where you can build your powerful team and fight. In all these modes, you can build a team like a deathmatch mode, death squad mode, Campaign mode, and others. All these modes are different from each other. Also, you can go with a limited number of team members in all these modes. Like in deathmatch mode, you can go with 8 players. Moreover, when you build a team you have different strategies. These strategies allow you to do unexpected things. Also, a team can help to overcome your rival easily.

Play Offline and Online:

It allows you to play online as well as offline. If you want to save your Android phone Mbs then can play it without time limits. More, if you think you are a pro player and can challenge the world’s best player go online.

HD Graphics:

The graphics are very pleasing to the eyes. Every scene looks too good in 3D graphics.

Easy Controlling:

The control system is too easy even if a new user downloads it and want to play can easily control the whole game. More, there are instructions are also given that can help you.

Outstanding Music:

When you fire, shoot, or do anything in the game a fabulous sound came. This sound makes addictive to the game.

Unlimited Money:

Win different missions and win money. This money will help you all through the game. So, earn more money and play unstoppable.

Safe to Use:

This game to totally safe. It is clear from malware. So, without any malware doubt, you can install it after downloading it from the given link.

nova legecy mod

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlocked weapons
  • No bugs

Tips and Tricks:

  • improve your shooting and make it accurate.
  • Practice more and more in single player mode.
  • Win all the missions and win the reward.
  • Choose the best weapons for battle.
  • Upgrade your weapons.
  • Minimize your damage during battle.
  • Put all your shooting skills and turn the tide of battle.

How To Download?

  • Download the latest version
  • Save the Mod Apk file on your device.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Follow all the instrctions that it asked to do.
  • Now, wait until process completed.


How much GB is N.O.V.A. Legacy Mod APK have?

it is very lightweight and does not come in GB. It only required 45 MB of space on your device.

Can I play Nova Legacy Mod Apk on iPhone or andriod?

Yes, it supports both iPhones and Android. So, yes you can play Nova Legacy Mod Apk on smartphones as well as on iPhones.

Final Verdict:

Nova Legacy Mod APK is a very wonderful and best space action game that is liked by many people all over the world. It has too many superb advantages and features that make you addicted to this game. The graphics come with Ultra HD high quality. There are different colors collection available that makes the game more attractive. The interface is too easy as well as simple. This is downloaded by millions of people. All in all, it supports smartphones and iPhones mobiles. The more interesting thing about this game is that you can explore different things about aliens in space.



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