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Do you ever play a game where you have to follow the music? Are you looking for a game where you can listen to the best music? Do you wanna compete with your enemy? if yes then Muse Dash APK is a perfect selection for you. It is a rhythm action game. It is a simple game where you have to kill the enemy that comes your way. Also, keep your character safe from enemies and obstacles. Once their attack works on you it will become difficult for you to survive further. They will attack in the air as well as direct to eliminate you. But you can beat them while using the defending buttons. So, keep your character healthy and beat your rivals.

Muse Dash APK Latest version There are plenty of songs in various languages. You will find English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese songs. All songs are very good and will engage you for hours in the game. Complete a number of missions and win all the levels. When you complete one mission you can make progress further and can unlock other tracks. In this game, you will find 30 music tracks. Your character will attack with different dance moves while using the defending buttons. All in all, it has awesome sounds in the background. Once download this game and you will gonna love it.

Muse Dash Introduction:

This game is developed by PeroPeroGames and published by XD Network in Japan in 2018. In the beginning, it just was developed for iOS and Android. Now, you can use it for macOS and Windows. It is one the best character game that you have ever played before in your life. You can easily play it with your friends and family. Muse Dash Unlocked has many characters but you can check them all in the beginning. You can unlock all the characters while making progress in each level. All characters come with strengths and weaknesses so choose them wisely.

Muse Dash APK Gameplay:

Muse Dash APK has different interesting levels. When you play them you are awarded with rewards. Moreover, you can use these rewards to unlock important items. These items will help you out in the next levels. Also, you can unlock more beautiful characters with these rewards. The player character runs in the game where you have to face your enemy. Their enemy came from the air as well as from ground level.

Now, it is all up to the player as he strikes before or will wait for the perfect moment. These little enemies will confuse you while jumping in front of you. The player can jump over and can hit these enemies. Without jumping it is not possible for the player to cross the hurdles. Further, as you go deep and deep into the game you will face more complex levels.

As you hit more and more enemies your hitting power increases So, next you can hit a lot of enemies at once. But you have to be careful in this game. If you do not play it carefully then there is a chance of losing. So, you have to be conscious. Further, as you win up a level then you are awarded 2 items. Using these items you have 2 options either you have to unlock a character or an elfin. Muse Dash APK has only 2 items at each level. I hope you will also love Zombie Catchers MOD APK

What Is Muse Dash APK?

Muse Dash Mos APK is an amazing game where you control a character that runs on a track with the music. This character runs through different levels while jumping and attacking enemies. Moreover, there are different characters that come with their own unique abilities and skills. Select one of your best and most powerful characters and play the game.

Muse Dash APK Full Unlocked

Key Features:

Quality 2D Graphics:

The game has 2D quality graphics that you love them. The color of the game is attractive. The graphics are too superb that you will feel like you are playing a full HD game.

Quality Sound and Tracks:

Moreover, the game has a quality sound as well as music. So, we can say that it is a music game. When you play different levels you have different tracks at different levels.

Plenty Of Characters:

This game comes with plenty of characters. All characters are different from each other in strengths and weaknesses. At each level, you can unlock a new character that will continue the game further.

Customize Your Character:

This game allows you to customize your character accordingly. You can change the outfits of the characters. Can enhance the performance. of each character.

Easily Control and Settings:

In Muse Dash APK, you can control your character easily. you can jump and can attack the opponent. Also, you have set options. You can change the mode, character, tracks, and much more.

Enjoy the Game with Friends and Family:

You can play this with your lover. While playing this game they will experience good things. As long as they have problems they will forget them while playing Muse Dash Free Download

The Game is Full of Excitement:

The game is fully exciting. As the player enjoys the amazing music and plays various challenging levels. So, it is full of excitement to play.

Very Safe to Play:

It is free from any type of malware and virus. So, without having any malware misconceptions download this and enjoy it for lifetime.


  • Very colorful game.
  • Amazing gameplay.
  • Unique Effects
  • Plenty of challenges.
  • Amazing music.
  • Content Updates


  • Lack of Multiplayer.

Muse Dash APK

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked All characters
  • Full Unlocked
  • No Mod
  • All bugs Fixed

Useful Tips:

  • First, make your character pro in jumping and attacking the enemy in an effective way.
  • Understand each note in a better way. It is all because each note requires a specific action, so make sure you know how to react quickly.
  • Learn the patterns of each song.
  • Play with all the characters and increase your score.

How To Download?

  • Download the Muse Dash APK Latest Version from the download buttons.
  • You will find a setup file of Mod APK.
  • Run this file on your device.
  • Do all the processes 1 by 1.
  • When all is done ten clicks on the finish button.


Is Muse Dash on PC?

Yes, this game is developed for Windows. So, you can easily play it on your PC.

How do I install Muse Dash APK?

After downloading the latest version file you just run it on your device and follow the instructions. In a few seconds, Muse Dash APK Full Unlocked will be installed.

How many songs are free in Muse Dash APK?

At the start, you have 40 songs free. As you go deep in the game you level up and unlocked further songs.

Final Word:

Muse Dash APK is a musical game where players enjoy lovely music while playing it. It is not for kids but also younger even the oldest people can play it. When you play this game you will forget about your problem while enjoying the musical environment. I must say play it with your friends and family and have fun



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