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Do you love strategy games that help you in refreshing your mind? A real tactics game where you play the role of king. Attack the enemy with the best-attacking strategy. For a huge attacking strategy, you must have a good powerful mind. When you play this game you will feel relaxed and wanna play it again and again. So, do not waste your time just click on the given download button and get Kingdom Wars Mod APK.

Kingdom Wars APK

If we go back in world war history we came to know about many battles. All these battles were to show the other kingdom that we are powerful. You cannot defeat our kingdom. But it was all about the mindset. If the king was having a clever mind he won all the battles if not then defeat. Moreover, when they attack others they even do not think about peace. Their army starts killing everyone including children, men, and women. But in Kingdom Wars Mod APK Unlimited Gems you have to be a gentle king. It is all because when you play the role of gentle king it gives a peaceful message.

As the game name “Kingdom Wars Mod APK” tells us all it is a kingdom war game. You have to defend your kingdom if other kingdoms attack you. All in all, if you have a powerful army and a good mindset you can also attack other kingdoms and be a king of the whole continent. You can defend your enemy with better strategies and with attacking army forces. Train your army and let’s begin the war. Keep peace in your kingdom while doing all this war as a king.

It has different locations for war. Like the desert, forest, and valley. Each location has difficult challenges for you. This game has 2 modes for the player including PvP and battles. If you are a newbie then you have to go with an easy mode like battles. In this mode, you will learn the basic skills of battles. When you learn all the attacking as well as defending skills then you can challenge your opponent in difficulty levels and modes. Without having basic war skills you will not be able to defend and attack.

More, when you go into difficult levels then it is necessary for you to upgrade your army. When you have an upgraded army it will become easy for you to fight. No kingdom will touch you when you have a strong army force. Protect your kingdom and enjoy all the game while playing it.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK Unlimited Money


Kingdom Wars Mod APK is developed by Springcomes. It has 400 different war stages. Each stage has various challenges for you. Also, you have 200 allies. These allies will help you a lot in many battles. When all the allies fight together in a single war then no one defeats them. So, keep good relations with all the allies. If you do not respect them then they can turn their armies to the enemy. 

It has different characters. Choose your best character and get into the war. At the start, you will play the easy level. The war will be between 2 towers. One is yours and the other is your enemy. Both towers are placed opposite each other. The character will come out from these towers and will fight. Simply, you just kill your enemy character at the spot and win conquer the tower.

When you kill their character one by one then the number of characters will increase on both sides. Even you have a speed option. if you speed up your character it will move fastly to the enemy and will kill in no time. Moreover, you can slow or even stop your character at one place during the war. There will be an option for an arrow attack. So, you can also attack with arrows while releasing them from your tower.

There are many options for upgradation. upgrade your army, army food, characters, jewels, and Summoned. You can use jewels and coins for buying your own army. For fighting with the enemy you have different weapons for attack. It will provide you with a sword, hammer, Shield, and tornado. Choose your best weapon and attack.


In Kingdom Wars Mod APK you simply war against your enemy. Kill more and more enemy characters while using different war equipment. While defending and attacking your towers you will earn coins, money, diamonds, and gems. Use all these in growing your strong army.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Key Features:

Two Amazing Modes:

Kingdom Wars Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds comes with 2 different modes. One is PVP and the other is battles. In each mode, you challenge your fighting skills against your opponent.

Collect Treasure and Gifts:

While fighting against your enemy you have a chance of winning gifts and treasure. Collect all the treasures and gifts and use them in boosting your skills. Also, have a look at Conquer The Tower Mod APK

400 Tough Stages:

Play all 400 stages one by one. In the beginning, the easy level will start. When you complete the early stages then the hard stages started. All stages have several trails.

200 Friendly Allies:

Build your strong relations with your allies and attack together. When a long number of the army came to fight then it is necessary for you to have a strong army unit. For example, they have 100000 characters and you have only 20,000 at the time you will lose the war. Moreover, you can win the same battles when you have fully trained characters from each ally force.

Upgrading Your Force:

There are many upgradation options for summoned, characters, army food, castle, and jewels. Increase the number of soldiers and their strength. You have to upgrade all these for a better battle. Without doing this you cannot play the game further instead of playing a few stages.

Unlock Skill Soldier and Troops:

If you think the game is getting into more hard stages then you have an option of unlocking strong soldiers and troops. These all troops and soldiers are well-trained and can kill the opponent in no time.

Defeat Monsters:

As you go from the easy to the tough stage there are many monsters who are waiting for your death. These monsters contain various dread animals like dragons, ghosts, buffalo-headed monsters, bull demon kings, poison snakes, and horse-faced monsters.

Dangerous Weapons Option:

You have varying weapons options for fighting in Kingdom Wars Mod Unlimited Power. You have a hammer, sword, shield, and tornado. Select all weapons for your troops and then crash your enemy troops.

Earn Money, Coins, and Diamonds:

Complete stages and completing them earn money, diamonds, coins, and gems. Also, you can use them for various purposes. Like you can upgrade your army troops, buy food for your troops, and much more.

Easy Control System:

As we all know there are many kingdom fighting games that have a hard control system. Some are too hard and they take too much time for understanding. But when it came to playing Kingdom Wars it has a user-friendly and straightforward control system.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics are not too good but average. It is because it is an old game. No matter, how much it is old but it is a famous game in the world of war games. All in all, the sounds are too good that look real. When you do any activity you hear the sound of that.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK For Android

Mod Features:

  • No Root
  • Unlimited Food and Treasure
  • Unclocked Skillful Character and Troops
  • Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Coins, and Gems
  • All bugs fixed
  • Free Shopping

Tip and Tricks:

If you want to win the Kingdom Wars game then keep the speed of your character and troops fast. When the speed will high they will fastly crash the enemy. As they came out from their towers you will kill in a few seconds. If you are a new player then start with easy stages where you can polish your skills. Once you enhance your skills then fight in the hard stages. Moreover, always upgrade your army and take no chance for their food. Keep the food stage always up for your army. When you keep all these instructions in your mind while playing it then we can say that you can win the game and earn a lot of money.

How To Download?

  • Click on the given download link.
  • Wait until the download started.
  • Mostly, the setup will download automatically.
  • Now save the setup and then run.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • Now, wait
  • When all will complete it will ask you to finish.
  • Now, click on the finish button, and your app is ready.


 Is Kingdom Wars Mod Safe to play?

Yes, it is totally safe to play on your device.

Kingdom Wars Mod is payable?

No, it is not payable on this site. Just click on any download button and get it latest version of Mod.

How To Download Kingdom Wars Mod Version?

you can simply download it from HaveAPK given the downloaded buttons.

Final Word:

As we all know strategic games are the best all around the world and Kingdom Wars Mod APK Free Shopping is one of them. It is full of adventure and entertainment. 400 different unique challenging stages. Comes with a mission to become a king while completing all these stages. While playing with all these missions you have to face killing monsters. A wish of becoming a king coming true. A chance of playing with various skillful troops and characters. Do not show mercy to the enemy. Kill them all with your defending weapons. When you defeat all the enemies become a peaceful king. A king whose kingdom people love. In last we can say it is a game for those people who love war.



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