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Idle Digging Explanation:

Do you love digging? Are you looking for a game where you can build different types of buildings? If so then install Idle Digging Mod APK on your android phone or PC. Idle Digging is a simulation game that is developed by ZPLAY Games. The main purpose of the game is to dig deeper and build new buildings. The deeper you dig the more high building you will construct. So, dig to construct amazing buildings and earn a lot of money and rewards. Even during digging you will find big treasures in the form of gold and diamonds.

Idle Digging Mod APK Free Shopping

Also, you can unlock a working team for your work. More workers you unlock the faster you can build a building. Dig faster and become rich. In the beginning, you have only one worker. As you start constructing more buildings the level of the game starts forwarding. In this way, you earn a lot of money, gold, and rewards. Use them and upgrade your team. Bring more workers to your team and also upgrade their skills.

For digging and construction, the tools and equipment for that work are given. Select one of the best tools for digging and go further. Also, there are many advance and modern tools for work given in the game. So, when you start earning you can unlock them all.  As we know a single worker cannot do the job when he starts getting tired. So, when you bring in more workers to your team the work will become easier for the whole team. So, when you realize some workers are getting tired give them rest and bring fresh workers for digging and building construction.

Also, the game has a home facility for the user. When you dig so much deeper it will let you build a house for yourself where you can live and can enjoy. For reaching that level where you can construct your home you have to reach at required depth when you are digging. All in all, in your home you can build further things including floors, walls, trees, flowers, and much more. Build amazing things in your house and make it beautiful. Further, there are many types of ore are there in the ground. All the ore has a specific value. The deeper you dig the higher and greater ore you will find. For finding these ores you must have modern technology digging equipment otherwise you can not reach that level in the ground. Make more profit and spread your business in the town.

Idle Digging Mod APK Unlimited Money

There are different locations like the jungle, canyon, glaciers, desert, and garden in the game where you can dig and construct. So, dig one by one and progress through the game. Do not think you can do the digging job so easily. There are many hurdles in the way waiting for you. When you dig you have to face hard soil and rock. So, these hurdles can make your work slower. But do not worry you can do all your work at time when you have a larger team and modern equipment.


As Idle Digging Mod APK starts you find a landing page where you can watch different options. This game comes with a number of challenging levels. All levels are different from each other. More, there are also several locations given in the game. All locations have different levels and gold, diamonds, rewards, and money. Progress from each level and collect unique resources. Also, there are various options for setting like purchasing digging items and adjusting music, and sound effects. Even can adjust the volume of the music to your liking. Unlock a powerful team for digging. Upgrade their skills. And there are many things that you can control in Idle digging.


Idle Digging Mod is a ground digging game that main purpose is to dig deeper and deeper and collect various treasures and valuable resources. In the beginning, you will start the first level with a basic digging tool. Now, use the tool to dig deeper into the ground, collecting valuable resources like gold, ores, diamonds, and other valuable gems. Further, upgrade tools, hire workers, and advanced equipment to increase the speed of your work.

Also, there are many obstacles and challenges in the digging process such as rocks and hard soil. Overcome these obstacles while using different tools and ideas. Earn money and rewards by completing daily tasks and challenges. Use these rewards and hire new workers and make your work fast while unlocking new features digging equipment.

Idle Digging Mod APK

Key Features:

Dig and Construct: 

The main object of the game is to dig a hole where you can construct amazing underground structures. After digging deeper you can build houses, parks hotels, swimming pools, and more.

Hire New Worker:

This game gives you permission to hire new workers for your digging work. A team works better than a single person. You can do 24 hours of work in a few hours with a team. So, bring new people to your team and make your work awesome.

Challenging Levels and Locations:

A number of challenging levels and locations are there. All levels have different tasks and rewards for you. Play all the levels one by one and end them all. Also, there are beautiful locations are given that make the game more interesting. You can do your digging job in different locations including jungles, deserts, gardens, and many others. All locations have different treasure opportunities for you.

Build Your Home Underground:

in Idle Digging APK the player can build their home and can live in them. More, for building a home the game has a certain limit of depth. At that depth, you can build your home. So, for all that you have to work quickly and efficiently. Also, you can decorate your home with different things like trees, amazing flowers, and much more.

Upgrade Equipment: 

When you collect more money and rewards you can upgrade your equipment. Even can buy new advanced tools and make your work bigger and faster. Now, it’s all up to the player that he goes with the same tools or upgrade them.

Best Option for the Young Kids:

This is the best option for young kids who are under 18. Even all generation people can play this game with ease. More, it is a fabulous choice for those who want to architecture in the future. This app will help them in improving their skills in architecture fields. They can come up with new construction ideas after playing Idle Digging.


It allows you to share your ideas with your friends and online community. Also, you can invite your friends through this game for playing it.

Offline and Online GamePlay:

If you want to save your MBs then play it in offline mode and save your data. More, if you want to challenge your friends and another world’s best player then go to the online mode and have fun.

Awesome Graphics and Sound:

The graphics are superb and looks natural. Also, the sound quality of the game is to the next level. Gives you the option of controlling your sound and music according to your wish. Even gives you the option of muting music and sound at the same time.

Object That Helps in Becoming Rich:

There are the following objects that can help you in becoming the richest person in Idle Digging.

Money: The more money you will have the more things for digging you can unlock and purchase.

Worker: A lot of workers will help you in making your work easier and faster. So, increase the strength of your workers team.

Speed: The more speedily you will work the more fastly you will reach the depth of the ground where you can build a house and other buildings.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Hire more workers.
  • Work as a team.
  • Upgrade your tools.
  • Dig deeper and deeper
  • Avoid hurdles.
  • Collect more treasure and enhance your business.
  • Take a rest and then start once again.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Rewards
  • All levels Unlocked


is Idle Digging Mod APK safe to download?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download.

is Idle Digging Mod APK lightweight?

Of course, this is a lightweight app with 70MBs only.

can we install Idle Digging Mod APK on windows and android operating systems?

Yes, this application supports both windows and android phone operating systems.

How to install Idle Digging Mod APK?

Once you have downloaded the latest version from the given link then simply save it in a folder on your device. further, run the setup file and wait for the complete process.

Final Words:

Want to become an architect in the future? Want to build higher and more beautiful buildings like Burj khalifa? Looking for a game where you can polish your architecture skills? if so then must download Idle Digging Tycoon. This game is not for adults but little kids can also play it and spare their free time. Become the richest person in the game and known as a tycoon. Overall, Idle Digging Mod APK is a fun and entertaining game.



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