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World history is full of different powerful empires. There are many empires ruled in past like the Spanish, ottoman, Perisa, Rome, and many others. But here we will explain the Rome empire. This empire was one of the best and most powerful kingdoms in his era. If you are looking for a game where you go in the past of the Rome empire then Great Conqueror Rome Mod APK is for you.

Great Conqueror Rome Mod APK

It is a game where you all know about Rome’s kingdom and its battle history. Rome people were brutal and never defeat in any single battle. When a battle starts they kill every single enemy that comes in their way. This game contains all those wars and battles where you can experience the Romans’ war strategies. So, click on the download button and get Great Conqueror Rome APK free. Do you know the great leader like Augustus and Caesar of Rome’s empire?  Are you looking for a game where you came to know how the Rome empire fall to the Ottoman Empire? If you know all about this history in a single game then Great Conqueror Rome Unlimited Treasure is the best option.


The Rome empire was built in 753 and named the Rome Republic. In this era, the Roman Empire was not so big. It was a small empire. After that Rome people start battles with their neighbor’s kingdom and defeat them in every battle. In a few years, the world came to know about the world’s bigger and stronger empire named Rome Republic. It was so vast that it spread in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Great Conqueror Rome Mod is a simulation strategy game. It revolved around the powerful Roman empires. Here you will lead your army against your enemy as a leader of the Roman Empire. You have to become the unvarnished leader and commander of the Rome empire such as Pompey, Spartacus, Caesar, Anthony, and Octavian. Moreover, this game will give you the opportunity to convert into these leaders’ characters and defend your kingdom.

This game has 3 modes including conquest mode, Campaign mode, and exploratory mode. All modes have different battle levels and histories. in all modes, you create your strong army and earn glory while building your warrior army and the world’s most powerful empire. In Campaign mode, you experience hundreds of historic battles that were fought in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Also, you came to know who Rome empire grow too fastly in these areas. You command your army and take part in different famous battles like The Conquest of Gaul, the Punic War, Caesar’s Civil War, the Eastern Conquest, The conquest of Germany, the Eastern Conquest, and many others.

All in all, you can build new cities and towns in this mode. Build units of brutal warriors, and use new weapons technology. Even if some empires do not want war you can make them your friends or allies. Further, these allies will help you in conquering further regional empires. Now, it is all up to you whether you want a friendship with all these kingdoms or make them your servants as it’s all in your control.

Great Conqueror Rome Mod

In conquest mode, every empire is looking for their supremacy in all these areas including the British Isles, the Gallic tribes, the Mediterranean, Egypt, and much more. Now, conquest with different characters in all these areas and make a vast area of Rome Empire. Go with different strategies in all battles in each area and win that battle. Strategies like becoming friends in some areas and making your allies. Send your spy against your foe. Direct declare war against your strong rival. Choose one of the best strategies in each area according to the situation and lead your empire to ultimate victory. Change the future of your people and bring all the facilities into your Rome empire. Also, build new roads that lead to the Capital of Rome from each area of the kingdom.

Exploratory mode is one of the hard and dangerous mode that test your battle skills. You have to go with a limited number of soldiers at war and proof of your glory. Now, it is up to you how you prove yourself a strong commander of Rome’s empire. If you play different strategies then there are many chances of winning in exploratory mode. So, involves different plans and adjusting your army according to the situation at each point. Also, this mode helps you in enhancing your skills. Download Kingdom Wars Mod APK

Gameplay Story:

The gameplay is very simple. A game where you play a rule of Rome Commander while commanding your army against your opponent. A number of different levels and modes you play. Also, you can change many characters and heroes during any battle and level. Can enhance the power, and strength of your army, and weapons.

Key Features:

A number Of battle Modes: 

Here in this game, you will enjoy a number of battle modes. All the modes are different and very interesting. Choose your favorite mode and play it as much as you can until it entertains you fully.

Heros Selection:

This app comes with several famous heroes characters like Caesar, Antony, Spartacus, and many others. All the heroes have special power and strength. This game gives you permission to go with different heroes in various modes and levels.

Brutal Weapons:

Without having weapons in a war game cannot be possible for someone to beat his enemy in a battels field. So, Great Conqueror Rome has a number of dangerous weapons selection like swords, spears, daggers, and much more. Now, weapons selection is in your hand.

Develop Strong Nation:

As the game name shows it is a national game name with Rome. So, this game gives you the opportunity to develop a nation. Conquer more areas and regions and make vast your nation. The more strong nation you have the more powerful your nation will come in the eye of the whole world.

Go with a Different Strategist:

As the game has many modes so Great Conqueror Rome Mod APK also gives you choices to go with different strategies. All strategies differ from each other and will help you in succeeding in all modes. In some modes, show friendly to your enemy, direct attack against the strong empire., and many other strategies.

Collect Treasures: 

As you defeat or conquer any kingdom or empire you can collect a lot of treasure from these empires. Use these treasures in enhancing your skills and army. Also, buy new weapons with this treasure.

Battles Against World-Powerful Empires:

You can enjoy the character of the leader of the Rome empire in the Great Conqueror Rome War game while battling against other empires like Macedonia, Carthage republic, and Srene Kingdom. All the empires are so powerful and will give you a tough time in battle.

Great Conqueror Rome Mod APK Unlimited Medals

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Unlocked Characters.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • God Mode

More About Great Conqueror Rome:

  • A game that turns your war animation into reality.
  • Gives you all information about Rome’s historical battles.
  • World Best Rome war historic military leader selection.
  • Gives you whole information about all these leaders.
  • Control whole the game according to your likey.
  • This informs you about your empire through a map.
  • Let you know about all-region and countries that are located in your kingdom through a map.

Tips and Strategies for Winning:

  • Choose your leader wisely while knowing about their power and weakness.
  • Go with different strategies in all modes.
  • Increase the number of soldiers in your army.
  • Do not show piety to your enemy.
  • Use all the powerful weapons and select according to several situations during a battle.


If you are a war games lover and looking for a game where you represent a nation and fight against your enemy then Great Conqueror Rome Mod APK is here. This is the latest version android game that does not require root. It gives you all information about Rome’s military. The control of the game is very easy and enjoyable. A full of entertaining war conquest levels and modes are here. Download it and enjoy. You can play it on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems.



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