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Have you ever played a horror game? If NO then Granny MOD APK is for you. It is a game where you try to escape from granny’s house. If you escape from the house then you are safe if not then you are in a danger. So, we can say that it is a devil game.

Granny APK Introduction:

It is thrilling, full of suspense, and a horror game. As you click and open the game you will find the sentence “WELCOME TO GRANNY”. More, when players remain in the game the granny always remains with them invisibly. As you make noise it caught and locks you. So, you have to be sensible. If you make a single mistake you are in a danger.

Granny MOD APK

Also, this granny is an old woman who is blind but can hear a single movement. In this game, you just need those things that are necessary to escape from this dread house. While exploring these things it may possible you make some noises but as you make a single noise this granny caught you and kill you on the spot. As we know, it is difficult for anyone to stay in such a horrible house but you have to be mindful of it.

Moreover, it has a time limit. Granny MOD APK Mod Menu has 5 days for you. If you are successful in escaping from granny’s house in 5 days then you gonna be a lucky person if not then you will lose this game. Further, by playing this game your mind gonna be fast and fresh. Also, your age must be 18 years plus or a minimum of 18. If your age is less than 18 then it is a more dangerous game for you.

Granny MOD APK GamePlay:

The gameplay is fully stumbling as well as quite suspenseful. You have to kill the granny during the game that will disappear for 90 minutes and you can do your job easily. You have to unlock the doors, and many other locks as fast as possible. Also, there are many rooms where you can hide from the granny. As you hide and do your work silently you are safe.

In this app, you will find a hammer, shotgun, and other important stuff to kill the granny. Moreover, this horror house contains 5 floors, a garage, and 2 attic areas. You can only escape from this house while passing the obstacles. Further, you have the option of a car that is in the garbage and is not capable of driving. But you can repair this car and run away from that house.

As well as, the granny house has wardrobes, beds, and many other kinds of stuff in the house. This stuff is helpful for the player in hiding. But if do not hide yourself the old women kill you and your 1 day will lose. So, further, you have only 4 days in escaping.

As you enter the home you will find a locked room. But don’t worry there is a key under the table or in the drawer. So, unlock the door and enter. All in all, it has an online mode where you can play with your friends. The online mode is quite simple where you can defend yourself more easily.

All in all, the house has stairs as well as a lift. So, the player can go upper floors through lifts and stairs.  Now, it is all up to the player which patch he picks. I must say the lift way is quite safe instead of stairs. Because on stairs you can face the granny that can kill you. Further, there are many traps for the player in the house. The player must keep away himself from these traps.

Granny MOD Features:

  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlocked All levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything

Our Experience with Granny MOD:

There is no doubt this is a tough game but it is possible. Players must be aware of the rules and be prepared for them. If he follows the instructions carefully he can save himself carefully. Further, Granny MOD APK Hack has so much suspense for you.

Granny Key Features:

Fearful Game:

Granny MOD APK is a fearful MOD APK version game. The player has to face an old woman who looks too ugly and horrified. During all the time in the game, the player fell fear of being caught and killed.

5 Days of escape:

The player has 5 days to escape from the house which is quite enough time to run away. As he lost one day he will be near to losing the game.

HD Graphics:

It contains full HD graphics. The player will feel like he is playing in real life.

Sound Quality:

The quality of the sound is awesome. You will listen to the sound of your footsteps as well as granny’s footsteps. More, you can hear the door opening, the door looking, and many other sounds as well.

Various Hide Places:

In this house, you have many options for hiding. The player can hide under a bed, or lock in a room. In this way you keep yourself protected from the granny.

Adjusting Settings Option:

Granny MOD APK provides you with setting options. You can adjust your movement. More can adjust the level of difficulty. If you want to be a pro player then a more difficult mode is the best option.

Unlimited Health:

As granny attacks you your health start decreasing but you can restore your health in this game. As you will be healthy you give tough competition to your opponent. So, ya this game has unlimited health options.

Latest Version Available:

As we know many people search for Granny MOD APK on the internet but they are not successful in getting the latest version. Here on this site, you will find the updated version with the mod and apk.

All Unlocked:

It has many resources for unlocking various things. When you unlock important things these will be beneficial for you during playing this game. Believe me, you can unlock everything when you play it in a good way.

Granny MOD APK

How To Download?

  • We have provides download buttons. So click on any button and get it set up. When you download it it will redirect you to a new page but don’t worry. This page has the setup from where you can download Granny MOD APK.
  • After downloading it setup run it on your device (MAC, Windows, Andriod).
  • Now, click on the install button and wait.
  • Do all the processes in a sequence way.


What is Granny God’s Mode?

It is one of the most dangerous mode of this game.

Is Granny a scary Game?

Yes, it is the scariest game on the internet. Only teenagers can play it. If you are a child then stay away from this game.

How do I install Granny PC for free?

Yes, it is free for PC. After downloading the latest version from our website you can play it on your PC without facing any problems.

How much GB is Granny simulator?

It has 1 GB of Space.

Final Verdict:

Granny MOD APK is for Mac, Windows, and Android devices. This application has many secrets that are quite interesting. If you are a newbie then it is a little bit difficult in the start but as you practice more and more you gonna be a pro player.

If you are looking for it MOD and APK versions then you can download them from our website. The download buttons for MOD and APK are given. Click on any download button and get it.



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