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If you want the best battle-royale game on android, Free Fire MOD APK is for you. Do you want to play a game of survival? Or, Hunt down enemies and outlast them in the end to win? Then Free Fire MOD APK is the right choice. You have to outlast as prolonged as feasible in the game to triumph.

In this game, you will use many weapons to kill enemies. You will also get the support of your teammates with different weapons and vehicles. Your intent is to outlive as prolonged as feasible and kill more enemies than your enemies already had. You have to use weapons such as Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper rifles, and handguns. Hide or take cover on the map to survive as prolonged as possible. You will also get the support of your teammates like Machine Gunner, Medic Heavy Weapons Guy, etc., to take down enemies and survive till the end.

Free Fire Introduction:

Free Fire MOD is the latest free game of survival. This is the best game for you to enjoy in your spare time. If you desire to recreate with your buddies, then this will be a great choice. Do challenge them and flex every time you win. You will be able to play with diverse types of weapons, vehicles, and much more in this game. For further free games visit HAVEAPK

Free Fire MOD

This game harbors you to the world of war. You will be capable of utilizing diverse sorts of weapons or arms in this game. You will correspondingly get the backing of your teammates to make things easier for you. Use your dexterities and knacks to kill enemies as fast as possible. You can utilize the skin of guns to do the utmost damage to your enemies. You will likewise be competent to utilize distinct types of vehicles to travel fast and far.


The gameplay of Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds is analogous to PUBG and, moreover, to Fortnite. In this game, you would have to survive for a long time in order to win the game. You will have different weapons and vehicles with you in the game. In order to win the battle royale, you have to eliminate all other players until there are only two left alive. This is how Survival games work in general.

You have many enemies in this game that are disassembled everywhere on the map. The enemies are very difficult to find because they are hidden among various places on the map. You will have good weapons, which will help you kill those enemies easily without losing your health. There are numerous modes like the last man standing, team deathmatch, etc., to make the game even more compulsive.

What is Free Fire Mod APK?

Free Fire Mod APK is an online multiplayer battle game The game is set on a remote island where players parachute onto the island. You land on this island and collect weapons and equipment. It comes with different game modes, including classic, ranked, and special modes. This app offers provides you with several characters. All characters have unique battle abilities and skills. Various weapons and equipment options are available in the game so select one of the best weapons and defend yourself in front of your rival.

Free Fire Features:

In-game voice chat:

One of the most noteworthy features is its voice chat element. You can use voice chat in the game to communicate with your friends and teammates to direct them about the locations of the enemies, the amount of ammo left behind, health, the shrinking of zones, and many more. It makes the game more interesting and compulsive.

4-man Squad:

Playing and making strategies or plans with buddies or squad members is the most important part of the game. You can form a squad of four with your friends and teammates to eliminate the enemies together more readily. You can also share resources like guns, health, vehicles, etc., with your buddies to help them in case of any situations.

3-D Graphics:

You will have a great experience with the 3-D graphics of the game. The graphics are superb. Everything from characters, weapons, houses, buildings, grass, trees, and vehicles seems very realistic. You will undoubtedly love its graphics and will hold you amused till the end.

Different Environment:

There are diverse environments in the game. You will be able to visit the hills, woods, snow fields, city and many more. Hide in such environments to avoid enemies and get a perfect chance to take down enemies.

Single Player Campaign:

The campaign mode consists of 4 chapters with different missions. You can play the campaign mode with your friends and teammates to get more experience in the game.

All characters unlocked:

Numerous characters are present in it. Individually with their distinctive proficiency and dexterities. You will be able to use them to the fullest and get a perfect chance to survive in the game. Here, in this mode, all of the characters are unlocked for you. Pick anyone you like and relish the game.

Unlimited health:

Players worry about their health when they play the game. They can’t focus on the game because of it. Don’t worry, and you will get unlimited health. You can endure as much damage as you get and still survive in the game. No weapon can do any damage to you. You won’t need medkits to heal yourself. Just relish and charge the enemy.

Air Drops:

The airdrops are something that players anxiously looking for. These contain superb weapons, health kits, ammo, and numerous other items. So, you will get all these in the air drops, which you will get at every corner of the map. Be careful because enemies might be waiting for you there to eliminate you. Mech Arena Mod APK

Unlimited Ammo:

People want to play the Free Fire Headshot Hack Mod APK without running out of ammo. You will be equipped with endless ammo for every gun. You can detonate as many bullets as you desire. As well as, your weapons won’t run out of it, and you will undoubtedly love it.

Customize your character:

You can modify any seeable forte of your character. You can alter the outlook of your character by choosing the appropriate clothing. Therefore, you will be able to pick any type of clothing you want and enjoy yourself in the game.

Free of cost:

To get all of the above benefits, you will not have to pay a single penny. This is going to be the best thing for you and your buddies. So, you don’t have to worry about it, just download and relish it.

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are a sort of currency in the game. You can amass as numerous diamonds as you desire and spend them on anything you want. As well as, you will upgrade weapons by using skin, unlock new characters, unlock skills, and many more. Here you will have endless diamonds and spend them on anything you like.

No Laf:

Lag is a big issue in the game. It is exceedingly difficult to see the enemy during the lag. Just like in actual life, you can’t see your enemy when he comes near you. So, when you are on the battlefield, don’t worry about the lag. You will be able to take every shot easily and kill your enemy without any problem by lags as they are eliminated from the game.

No grass:

Enemies are also hidden behind the grass, and you can’t see them. But, here, the grass is removed; you can easily see your enemies and eliminate them readily then.

Numerous guns:

You will be capable of picking from a wide array of weapons. As you advance in-game, you will get more and more guns to choose from. Guns like pistols, rifles, shotguns, snipers, etc., are available in the game. Each has its unique range and damage to enemies.

Diverse maps:

The game will have different maps with different levels of difficulty. You can also choose from diverse maps. These maps are also designed in such a way that you can easily find your enemies and eliminate them.

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Health
  • More, Unlimited Ammo
  • All character unlocked
  • All Maps Unlocked

Tips and Tricks:

  • Always stay moved otherwise the enemy will chase you and kill you on the spot.
  • Look all around in your surrounding and stay alert for enemies’ attacks.
  • Map is the important thing in Free Fire. It helps you in analyzing the enemy’s appearance. So, you can hide in the safe zone.
  • Use headphones that help you in hearing the enemy’s footsteps and gunshots.
  • Use vehicles that move you quickly from one place to another.

Our Experience With This MOD:

We have played it for many years and can say that Free Fire Mod APK Auto Headshot is a very good game. The gameplay is uncomplicated and manageable to understand. You will be able to clear the level easily by eliminating all the enemies with your weapons and endless ammo. The graphics of the game are pretty nice. Its storyline and diversity in maps, weapons, characters, and environment make it undoubtedly explicit. Any fan of survival games will certainly adore it!


What’s its size?

It’s about 2 GB.

Will we get unlimited ammo?

Yes, you will get unlimited ammo.

Will we get endless health?

Yes, you will get endless health.

Will we get unlimited diamonds?

Yes, you will acquire endless diamonds.

Final Words:

Free Fire MOD APK is an ideal game for any survival games buff. Best suited for people of all ages. The diversity in it, which ranges from characters, arms, environment, and moreover the story, makes it absolutely amusing. It’s an entirely fun game to play, and anyone can enjoy it. This game is a must-play for every buff of RPG games. So what’s the wait for, Download and Relish it.



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