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Are you love horror movies and videos? Do you really want to play a full scary game? If yes then download Evil Nun Mod APK. It is a full scary game where you have to face a horrible nun. In this game, you came to know how to escape from a horror nun. She always tries to keep you at school and later kills you. But you have to escape. This game place is an old horror school. All school’s rooms are full of blood. She does not care about anyone. If she sees someone she killed. There is no escape if she sees you. You would not expect that but she sees you and kill you at that moment.

Evil Nun Mod

it is actually a scary game. There are many useful items and stuff that will help you in escaping. collect all those things and try your best. All in all, there are many puzzles in Evil Nun Mod APK Unlimited Money. Solve all these puzzles because these all help you in revealing the secrets of escaping. While solving these puzzles you will go through many obstacles. Cross all the obstacles and get puzzles answer. There are many secrets in the game. You can runaways from this terror school in an easy way while knowing about all these secrets. Further, you have only five days in escaping. If you do escape that’s great if you do not you gonna be locked for a lifetime in this shit dark school

The Backstory of the Game:

You got a summer invitation from a unknown school that is totally free. But as you reached that place you find it dark and full of blood. That school is an old creepy dread place. You will find all the school so much darker. It is the evilest school in the entire world. You don’t wanna be here but you are mistakenly here. Now that moment one thing came to your mind how to escape from this school. You will try your best but it will all go in vain because you are trapped by the evil nun. Before you, she invites many people and killed them. Get out of there as fast as possible

Story of the Game:

It is a fearful game where you feel horror while playing it. This game impresses you more when you see all the rooms and scenery establishes in a horror way. The school contains different places like the dining room, toilet, classrooms, and garden. All of them are full of different stuff including pictures, books, and other objects. Also, you will find other helping stuff and much more that help in escaping. Do not try any pranks she hates pranks. Even do not make a single mistake otherwise you are dead.

Evil Nun Mod APK No Ads comes with different modes. It has a normal mode, ghost mode, camera mode, and hard mode. All modes are different from each other. In ghost mode, the nun can not see you. So, explore whole the building and look around. Reveal all the secrets in ghost mode. In hard mode, you save your life from a nun. It is one of the toughest mode. It is a survival mode. She is faster in the hard mode. If you make any sound she comes fastly and hit you with a hammer.

Evil Nun Mod APK No Ads

In ghost mode, I must say you are really in big trouble. If she watches you anywhere there is no chance of life. If you walk anywhere in ghost mode you probably gonna die. It is all because she knows the house very well. In ghost mode, you can talk with a nun. When you follow her she asked why you are following me. She will yell at you and says you go to the other rooms.You can only get out when you move in the opposite direction of the nun. Hide at a safe place. Collect fighting weapons and kill that nun.

Key Features:

Join Summer Camp:

As you received the summer camp invitation you can join it while going in the school van. There are also many people who are invited. have fun with all of them and enjoy your journey.

Solve Escaping Puzzles:

It is not only a scary but a puzzle game. Play all the puzzles and came to know about many secrets that help you to go away from this dead school. Play all puzzles correctly. If you make a single mistake nun will catch you and kill you on the spot.

Explore Whole School:

This game gives you permission to explore the whole school. When you explore all the schools you know all about the school. Even you can discover many secret ways. In exploring, you are near to escaping.

Collect Helping Material:

A lot of helping materials are held in various parts of the school. Collect all of them and use them against the evil nun. This helping material will contain hammers, wire, maps, keys, and much more. Check Granny MOD APK

Ease Controlling:

On the right side of your screen, you can see 2 buttons. These buttons will help with walking and jumping. Use both of them when there is a need. Evil Nun Mod APK Mod Menu had control and looks like a granny.

Tutorial Video:

It has a tutorial video that helps the new player in understanding the game. If they do not watch it they do not know much more about it.

Different Challenging Modes:

A number of different modes with different challenges are waiting for you. All modes vary from each other. Choose your favorite mode and play it. One of the best mode is ghost mode where you can talk with the nun.

Unlock Several Skins:

If you really like horror games then it gives permission to unlock the most horrible skin. There are various types of devil skins. All skins are too much horrible. If you really like the scary game then there are the number of several horror skins in Evil Nun Mod APK.

Earn Unlimited Money:

While playing the whole game you will earn a lot of money that helps you in revealing the secret and unlocking the skins. Earn enough money that helps you in escaping as fast as possible. So, you can go to your home safely.

Evil Nun Mod APK

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • Safe from Bugs
  • Free Horror Skins
  • Hiding Places


It has a simple interface.

Evil Nun is the best choice for people who love scary games.


You did not hear any scary music

Tipa and Tricks:

As this is a horror game that can create a little bit of difficulty and hesitation for new players. So, here we are sharing the tips and tricks that help you in escaping from school in a few minutes.

  • Do not rush too fast. If you rush fast she sees you and kills you.
  • More, Always choose the opposite direction from the nun. If you hear here footsteps sound change your path or hide.
  • Solve all the puzzles consciously and know about the secret of the game.
  • Explore whole the building and know all the paths.
  • Gathe all the helping material and stuff.
  • A van is waiting outside of the school building in the loan. When you came out the school start it quickly and get out of the dark school.


did Evil Nun real?

No, it is not real. It is just a video game.

How did Evil Nun become evil?

She runs away from his hometown and takes residence in the horror school name Eagle Junior High School. it is the school where all the game scenes happen.

What is the full name of Evil Nun?

The ghost nun name is Sister Madeline. She is one of the most dangerous nuns in the whole building.

How to play Evil Nun for free?

Download the latest version with Mod and APK setup from the given buttons.

Final Verdict:

it is a real masterpiece. This game is for those people who love survival horror games. Also, it is one of the toughest and most challenging game. If you really want to play a terrifying arcade game you can download Evil Nun Mod APK from this site.



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