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Do you have Design home ideas in your mind? Do you want a dream house that you can build according to your desire? If yes then Design Home Mod APK is here for helping you out. This game will help you design a lavish home where you can live with your family and friends. Also, if you are an architecture, home designer, or house builder then it is a perfect match for you. Install this game on your android phone and complete all your home design dreams.

Design Home Mod APK

By using this game you can enhance your home design skills. Play it and be a PRO in this game. It provides all the 3D tools for designing your dream home. Design Home Mod APK gives you permission to use it from anywhere in the world. Even if you are at home, the office, school, or anywhere just use it and have fun. Create your own project and decorate your 3D home. Also, you can participate in discussions where you share your thought, take advice, and much more from your friends.

As the world getting more modern day by day everyone all around the world also upgrading themself. So, they also upgrade their home. A home where they have beautiful furniture, a kitchen, a loan, bedrooms, a garden, and many other things in one place. When you are playing this game feedback is necessary. Feedback can remove all the mistakes that you have made during design.


The game starts with a menu where you can see many options like money, reality, shop, work, pets, and settings. Also, you have a graphics setting, FPS limits, and apply setting options on the menu. You can change the graphics setting in Low, mid, high, and Ultra modes. Now, it is all up to you which mode you select and play it further. You can set the FPS limits that suit you most. In the FPS setting, you have 30FPS, 40FPS, 60 FPS, and 120 FPS options.

Even you can change the time of your home. if you want more time then pick it and play. Also, you have night, day, and other options as well. In shopping options, you have different types of things, like beds, sofas, tables, chairs, colors, and other things a home needs for decor. By using different colors you can easily paint your dream home. Moreover, you have many types of doors and windows. Use the windows, and doors that you like the most. You can set sofas, chairs, and tables in that corner of the home where you think they look better.

Design Home Mod APK

All in all, you can change the colors, patterns, and materials to create a well-looking home. One of the best wood unique furniture is there in Design Home Mod APK Unlimited Money. In this game, you will work on your skills in a better way and improve them as well. This game can help you in your real life as well. If you are a home decor lover and want a home decor job in real life then Design Home Mod APK Download will help you a lot.

As you create a unique and best home you will win a lot of money. Now, you can use this money for shopping. Shop the best things and make your home the best. When 1 design home is completed then design a new one. Similarly, the game will continue next. Use all your design skills while adding shadows, lighting, & colors to make your home more beautiful. Design Home Mod APK  also has many other useful features like the best 3D tools that you never use in your life before. It has a user-friendly interface so there is no need for instructions or any tutorial video.

Gameplay Story:

You are in a game where have to show your home decor skills. Decor your home to be much different from others and win money. There are many challenges that you have to pass. In this way, you will work on the skills hardly that make you a professional designer. By using Design Home MOD APK All Unlocked you can unlock all those things that you can use in making a home perfect.

There are many challenges are waiting for you. Complete all the challenges one by one and earn money, diamonds, bonus, reward, and prizes. As the player enters the game he found an empty home. Now, use all the accessories and build your dream house. Further, you can compare your work with your opponent and can overcome them. Be the best creative in Design Home Mod APK. There are many things a home has like beds, rooms, a kitchen, a washroom, and much more. Now, it all depends on the player what he decor first.

Design Home APK Features:

Design your Dream home:

If you are a designer and love to design homes and buildings then this game gives you an opportunity to design your dream house according to your mind’s thoughts. Design a home and complete all your design wishes in Design Home Mod APK.

True Home Decor Opportunity:

This game gives you an opportunity to decorate your home and improves your decor skills. You can decorate a bedroom, kitchen, and many other things.

Unlock branded luxurious Items:

In this game, a player has access to unlock various branded items. In branded items, he has awesome sofas, chairs, tables, clocks, doors, windows, drawers, mats, and much more.

Learn the home design Mastery:

There are many people who love designing and decorating a home. Design Home Unlimited Diamonds is the only game on the internet that can full fill their home design wishes. Customize your home as you have design thoughts. These skills will help you a lot in your life. If you are a real home decorator or designer then this is the perfect game for you. It will boost your design abilities and you will be a PRO designer in real life.

Lavish Graphics:

It has lavish graphics that will amaze your eyes. The player will think he enter a real home. All 3D graphics fit well in the game. When you play this you will never think I am playing a game while thinking I am at my home.

Enter in a design Contests:

Take a part in a contest where you will challenge your design skills with your competitors. As you press the submit button in a few seconds the result will be on your screen. If your work will be too good then you will win. If the competitor has the best skills then of course he will win. But don’t worry if you do not win the contest because it will give you a lesson and next you will do better and better work so you can win the upcoming contest. We wish you the best of luck with the next challenge.

Unlock Prizes and Rewards: 

As you complete different challenges and tasks the Design Home Mod APK awarded you prizes and rewards. Now, you can use these rewards and prizes in unlocking the different Branded items and for many other purposes.

Share your Home design with your Friends:

When you complete your task of designing then you can share it with your friends through social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. They will appreciate your work which will give you more confidence. Also, if you have some mistakes they will suggest improvements. Also, it is not easy for anyone who thinks I am perfect at my work. When he shares things with friends he knows about different ideas that will help him a lot in the future.

Different Customization Options:

This game has customization options for users. The payer can customize various things according to his desires. As he can customize color, walls, chairs, and other things. Design Home Mod APK modyolo is available on this website

Unlimited Money and Diamonds:

Enhance your designing abilities and with all this win unlimited money and diamonds. This money and diamonds will help you further as you go deep and deep in the game. So, be a genius and do all your work in a good way so you have many opportunities of winning unlimited money for yourself.

Voting Option:

If you have a community in Design Home Mod APK Latest then you can vote for others. Also, the other players can rate your work as well. I my opinion this is the best way to appreciate someone’s work. When you vote for someone you can engage with each other in a better way. For Design Home Mod APK an1 or for similar games you have to visit

Music & Sound:

Without music and sound, a game does not look natural. So, keep things natural Design Home Mod APK Latest Version comes with sound and music tracks. Also, music and sound give the player some fabulous videos that keep him busy playing it.

User-Friendly Interface:

A user-friendly interface keeps a game simple. So, even if a newbie came and plays it he will face no problem. All in all, it also comes with a friendly interface so the user can play it in an easy way.

Design Home Mod APK

Latest Key Features:

  • It has full HD 3D graphics.
  • Different color options are available for wall coloring.
  • This game gives you an easy Joystick control option.
  • You can play this game offline.
  • Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to develop your design skills.
  • Build or create a unique dream home that looks different from others.
  • This game has realistic images, unique lighting, shadows, and texture.
  • It always gives you quality results without disturbing the graphics quality.
  • Huge options of branded items are available for furnishing and decorating.
  • Gives you permission to create an environment that you want in your real life.
  • Play different contests and develop an interest in interaction with your community members.
  • It gives you easy editing options. So, use its editing options and do your work according to your goals.
  • It is the best option for those people who love creativity because it gives them permission to complete their creative mind in real.

MOD Features:

  1. All Bigs is Fixed now.
  2. Unlimited Money and diamonds.
  3. Unlock branding materials.
  4. Polish your designing skills.
  5. There are no ads in this game.

How To Install/Download?

  • The latest version of Design Home With MOD and APK is given in the download buttons.
  • further, a click is needed for the next process.
  • Click on the download button so you can get the setup file.
  • Now, run the setup file on your system.
  • there will be a readme file that contains all the installation processes.
  • So, keep all the installation processes in your mind and do all the steps one by one.
  • When all the processes will be done it will ask you for the done option.
  • Now, click on the done button and your game is ready to play on your screen.

Design Home Mod APK


Is the Design Home app safe?

Yes, it is totally safe to play. Now the latest version has no bugs. Play it on your system without any malware and trojan tension.

Is design home an online game?

No, It is not an online game but the contests, and challenges options with your competitors are available. So, it looks like an online game when all online features are self-made by the developer of this game. So, if you are an online challenger then do not worry because it will provide all challenging options.

Can you sell furniture in Design Home?

No, Right now there are no options for selling. But you can show them to your online community and friends. We hope in the future there will e an option for online selling in Design Home Mod APK Real Home Decor.

How do you get money on Design Home?

When you complete all the challenges it gives you a chance to earn money. More, there is the option of exchanging money for diamonds. So, if you need diamonds then you can get all of them while changing them with money.

Final Draft:

This game is for creative people. Those people who love designing homes. It let you create a fantasy home where you can live and enjoy. Polish and enhance the abilities & skills. Share your design with the community and friends. Has a new level of innovation. Full of knowledge. Get knowledge and use it in your real life. Adjust the color, size, and place of doors, windows, chairs, tables, and other things in the best place. When your dream house completely presents itself and received appreciation. Interact with your friends and level up your confidence. So, it better helps in developing confidence.



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