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Do you like Kingdome-type movies or videos? Do you want to be a king? If your answer is yes then we bring Conquer The Tower Mod APK for you. A game where you can live a life of a king. In this game, you will have your own attacking as well as defending soldiers’ troops. If the opponent tries to attack your Tower then you have to defend it with your defending army. Further, if you are thinking to attack other towers then you can use your attacking army.

Conquer The Tower Mod APK

As you win more and more towers in attacking and defending strategies you have a chance of making your empire bigger. As you play it geniously you can defend all the towers without losing any level. In this way, you can win all the levels and Conquer The Tower Mod APK. The towers have 2 different colors. Some have blue and some have red. The blue color towers belong to you while the red color is to your enemy. As you win over the red tower in a few seconds it will turn blue. So, win over all red towers and be a large king with a large empire in the whole game.

Conquer The Tower Mod APK Latest Version is a game that is full of thrill. While watching its gameplay we can say that it is a defense as well as an attacking game. It means players have the opportunity to play it in 2 different strategies. As we know it is not easy for someone to be a king in a real life. He has many wishes to live a life where he has his own army and many other facilities. But Conquer The Tower Mod APK Unlimited Money gives permission to full fill all these wishes.


It is developed by GameLord 3D. The game starts with a menu where you can select your name and shop for necessary things for attack and defense. You have different options like shop, skin, battles, heroes, and towers. With all these options you can shop, change your skin, and heroes, unlock all towers, and start the battle. Now, you have to create an army that can defend your towers. If you will not defend your towers then your opponents will overcome you and you will lose the game. All in all, the towers you have in blue color will turn red.

Conquer The Tower Mod APK is a full tactics and strategies game. Plane different strategies and work on them. When an opponent is in an attacking position then you must have defending tactics. If you are going to attack then you have various planes that help you during the battle. Moreover, if you have better strategies then you can stop the enemy easily. If they reach your tower they gonna kill you and take control of your tower.

I can say you will never play a game like Conquer The Tower Mod APK. In this game, your opponent is not too weak they also have a plane for defending and attacking. If you think they are weak then you are a fool. They can defeat you easily if you have no better planes. There are many kingdoms in the game. All kingdoms have their own strong army. All kingdoms have the ability to defend themself. So, this game needs all your mind and power. When you play a game like Conquer The Tower Free Download you can increase your mental growth.

Conquer The Tower Mod APK

More. as you play the last levels they are very difficult. At these levels, the small troops or army can not defend easily. For these levels, you have to upgrade your army. The upgradation is very easy if you have earned money and rewards. Use all these rewards and upgrade a dangerous army for your competitors. An army they have never faced before. we wish you the best of luck with your victory.

It provides you with various modes where you can show your defending and attacking skills. It comes with modes like  Thanksgiving, Tower Defense mode, Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s. Play all these events and win rewards, gifts, and money. Also, it provides you with a special offer where you can spend real money and take part. Further, the download button for Conquer the Tower Mod APK rexdl is given here


The gameplay is very simple. A game where you are battling for a kingdom. A game where you want to be a powerful king. A ruler of all kingdoms. You can achieve all the world’s best kingdoms by having a commanding army. There are many defending Towers of all kingdoms. All these Kingdome towers are in red color. You just simply defeat all the towers for being a king. When you defeat all these red color towers you will be the new king of all these. further, All these red color towers will turn blue which means you are the new king of these towers.

Conquer The Tower APK Features:

Shop for your Army:

This game gives you permission to shop for your army. Shop those things that help your army in all Conquer The Tower Mod APK. As you earn more in this game you can easily shop all the modest equipment for your troops.

Vanquish All the Kingdomes:

If you have a better and more defensive army you can rule all the kingdoms in Conquer The Tower Mod APK. Train your troops, apply your tactics and defeat all other kings and their kingdoms.

Rule as A Powerful King Over the Empire:

Complete all your king wishes in Conquer The Tower Mod APK Unlimted Gems. If you are regretting not being king in real life then don’t worry because this game gives you an opportunity to be a powerful king over all empires. An empire having powerful army troops.

Upgrade your Troops:

For winning more towers you have to upgrade your troops. Otherwise, it is not possible for any king to defeat without upgrading troops.

Earn Money and Rewards: 

The player can win money and rewards at different levels. Use this money and rewards for various purposes so you can defend yourself in an easy way. Also, you can check Stealth Master MOD APK All Characters Unlocked

Play Different Events for Gifts:

The player can participate in events such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Christmas. Play all these events and win unique gifts. Also, you can play special events like Halloween events and register your name as a gift-winning player.

Unlocked Everything:

When you have earned enough money then you have the opportunity of unlocking everything in this game. Grab this opportunity and be the rich king of Conquer The Tower Mod APK.

Test Your Mind-Attacking & defending Skills:

Opportunity for the player to test their mind in this game. In this way, you came to know as your strategies are better than your opponents. If they are not better then plan again and again different strategies and apply them to your troops.

Realistic Sound:

It comes with a realistic sound where sometimes players think they are battling on a real battlefield. As we know without a sound a game does not suit anyone. So having a good sound is the best feature of this game.

Supported Devices:

Conquer The Tower Mod APK for andriod does not evern support andriod phones. But it is also available for PC, Macs, Linux, and windows. So, you can play it on different devices.

Easily Control Interface:

it has a user-friendly interface so you can control it in an easy way. you just swipe your finger and can turn your troops anywhere in the game.

Conquer The Tower Mod APK

Key Features:

  • Best 3D graphics are waiting for you.
  • Powerful and defending troops and army.
  • A lavish kingdom for a powerful king.
  • various modes for the players.
  • Live life like a king.
  • HD quality sound and marerial.
  • Win a lot of money, gifts, and rewards.

Mod Features:

Unlocked Everything

Unlimited Money

More, Unlimited Lives

No ads

All bugs fixed

How To Download?

  • You can see the download button on this page.
  • You just have to simply click on them.
  • If they redirect you to another page there will be another download button.
  • Now, click on this button for the setup file.
  • Run the setup on your device and wait.
  • When Installation will be done your game will be ready for play.


A kingdom game. A game that is full of battles. Apply your strategies and mind thoughts for tower defense and attacks. Strong and powerful troops are there for your help. A game that has the world’s best colonies. If you want a powerful king of all the world then this game is for you. Download it from and get all the Mods to play. Also, it gives you the opportunity of winning various gifts and rewards. So, do not waste your time more and play it. Play it with your friends and with the online community.



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