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Clone Armies MOD APK is an action-packed 2D game that gives some unique and thrilling experiences of war. The dream of becoming an army commander is not that impossible. Clone Armies MOD APK is a 2D action game that offers players a chance to join the war and be real heroes. It lets you be the best army commander in terms of battling and winning the war. The game is set in a Sci-Fi background, featuring tons of different army soldiers, guns, and armor. The game also offers you a colorful environment to recreate and enjoy.

While the graphics are just good but the gameplay is very delightful. We always adore games that feature war as their theme, especially those from Android games. It is about running battles on a battlefield and fighting enemies using various weapons.

Clone Armies Description:

Clone Armies MOD is a splendid game for battlefield war and shooting action fans. It has the coolest battle scenes than any other army game. You will be fond of this game after you try it several times. Your army would be blue. You have to fight with the red army. 

Clone Armies APK

The game features three distinct modes, Campaign, Survival, and Multiplayer. You can recreate any of these modes according to your perspective or the time you bear. The gameplay is straightforward, and you would merely need to control your army and kill the red army. But the game becomes more challenging when you progress to higher levels. There would be more enemies and tougher battles. The graphics are very splendid and engaging for a mobile game. The details are well-made, especially the weapons.

The colors are radiant and graphic. Sound effects are remarkably naturalistic, particularly the sound of your weapon and the enemy’s weapon. The game is austere to control, and you won’t be distressed with it. You can concoct your army stronger with the items you pick up during the battle.

Clone Armies Gameplay:

The gameplay of Clone Armies MOD is very dynamic. You have to place your army in the right places to win the war. The game features several different types of weapons like swords and shields, bows and arrows, axes and shields, swords, maces, and other medieval weapons. You can relish with anyone in the Multiplayer mode. It entitles you to recreate with up to three mates or with seven other random opponents. You can use your army’s abilities to defeat stronger enemies or use a surprise attack to catch them off, guard.

The graphics are very engaging. The sound effects are very realistic, especially the sound of your weapon and the enemy’s weapon. The controls are amenable, furthermore, the gameplay is very dynamic. There are numerous levels to recreate, and you won’t get bored easily. Each level has different environments and enemies. You can concoct your own army, upgrade it and perform the battle wherever you desire.

Key Features:

Clon Your Army:

Here, you can design and create your army to fight the war. You can compile warriors from a pool of five different classes. Each class has its unique skills, specialties, and unique strength. You can furthermore customize your army with new armor, hats, swords, shields, etc.

Multiple Modes:

The game offers you three battle modes, numerous weapons, diverse maps to recreate, and several powerful upgrades to buy. You can recreate Solo mode to fight against the AI and win in a quick time or pick the Battle mode to compete with those online players globally.

Form Strategy:

Strategy is the key to winning the battle. The game features a strategic battle mode that lets you plan your attack and defeat the enemy before they strike back. You can utilize different hero powers, upgrade your army and buy new weapons and shields to tackle any obstacle.

Unlimited Money:

Money is essential in the clone armies mod APK unlimited coins. You need to gather lots of money to prolong your game and survive. You can attain gold coins by eradicating enemies, triumphing in battles, and completing quests. With this mod, you won’t have to be distressed about money as it would provide you with endless money.

Simple Controls:

Controls are the simplest, and you merely need to tap on the screen to make your hero attack or defend. The game will automatically choose the right weapon according to the opponent you are encountering. Any wrong move will end up in your death, and the right strategy can make you win the battle.

Strong Enemies:

There are diverse enemy heroes with unique powers and skills. They are from different kingdoms and empires, so you ought to drill yourself for warfare. You can’t control the enemy, but you can defeat them by setting a strategy and never stopping attacking until they are gone.

Challenge Friends:

People adore those games which can be played together and have fun. Here you can challenge your mates and have frivolity while contending with each other. You can recreate the same levels with mates and see who wins the battle. Flex on your winnings. There’s a community in the game, so you can be a part of it too. Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

Numerous Levels:

Numerous levels will keep you in the game for hours as you will want to win a level. Each level is unique and has different features. It brings an immersive experience to the player, and you can always come back for more. As you advance through levels, you’ll face new summons.

Superb Sound Effects:

Sound effects are another big factor in calling attention. The game has splendid sound effects, and you can relish the battle sounds. The sound effects are perfectly crafted to give you a thrilling experience of the battle with your enemies. The sound of arms clashing and armor slashing with bullets would make you discern that you’re actually in battle.

Strong Enemy Bosses:

A thrilling action-adventure game without an enemy boss or monsters is a dull game. Hence, here you’ll face legendary bosses, and they will give you a tough fight. As the story advances, you’ll go through a plethora of legendary bosses that will put up a hard fight.

Use Helicopters:

As you advance via the game, you’ll be given the option to utilize helicopters. The helicopters are used for faster movement and for attacking enemies with missiles. These helicopters are quite useful while escaping from enemies. Moreover, these would be a big help in taking down powerful enemy bosses.

Use Tanks:

Numerous tanks are readily available in the game. As you advance, you’ll come across tanks that you can use to travel and attack enemies. These tanks can be upgraded to obtain more firepower and armor. You’ll get various types of tanks in this game, and they are all specialized for specific purposes.

Sci-Fi Environment:

You’ll witness lots of amazing sci-fi environments that have been created with utter perfection. The environments are very attractive, and they are filled with life. Moreover, you’ll find a plethora of highly detailed objects while traveling through the game.

Clone Armies

Exclusive Features Of MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Menu Mode
  • Clone Army
  • Use Tanks
  • Use Helicopters

Our Experience With This MOD:

We have played this clone armies mod APK Latest Version for several hours and loved almost everything about it. The game has a very simple concept, but it is highly addictive. You’ll be engrossed in the gameplay and won’t be able to stop yourself from recreating it for hours. This MOD would provide you with limitless money, which you can devour on any stuff in the game you desire. You would be able to use the tank for attacking enemies and for traveling through different sci-fi environments without any hassle. The controls are austere, and the graphics are brilliant. If you’re a buff of action and war games, then you should try it out.


Will this MOD provide me with unlimited money?

Yes, you would be competent to fetch up a mess of money. You can also utilize the money to buy anything you require.

How are its controls?

Controls are uncomplicated and easy to grasp. It is quite straightforward. Anybody can grasp them in a few tries. It is conceived to cater to the necessities of all gamers.

How is its gameplay?

The gameplay is splendid. You would have a mesmerizing time recreating it. Moreover, the MOD is so easy to modify. It has enough strategies for you to come up with.


Clone Armies MOD APK is a wonderful game. It is trendy and excellent to recreate. You would have a sumptuous time recreating it and rolling around in copious money than you could imagine. The graphics are austere yet engaging, and the gameplay is excellent. The storyline is meaningful and desires you to take part in the game. Moreover, the controls are uncomplicated and smooth. You can operate them to your edge. They are perfect for you to recreate. The sound effects are amusing. They are not only pleasant but also fascinating. It’s totally gratis. Any gamer would adore recreating it.



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