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Are you looking for a car racing game? A game where you have racing highways where nobody even the police cants stops you from racing? If all these facilities are coming in a single place then it is Carx Highway Racing Mod APK which you all find totally free. People globally love racing. But for all that, they need racing tracks separately, which is not possible in real life. Only a few advanced countries have these racing highways where they race. So, do not worry because in Carx Highway Racing you can complete this wish without paying.

Carx Highway Racing Mod

Carx Highway Racing is one of the supreme car racing game on the internet. A game where you race on highways against your opponent. All highways are full of traffic. go through this traffic while controlling your car and reach the destination on time. More, there is no speed limit on these highways so you can drive your car at its peak. But keep in mind do not hit the other cars. If you hit you are out of the game. Increase the power of your car and make it more compatible.

There are many highways. Unlock your dream highway and drive. Challenge your friends and another player worldwide. Easy controlling options like gyroscope and buttons. Select your ease control option and have fun. You can control your car manually and automatically depending on your skills. There are options for selecting single side traffic or both sides. On a single side, it becomes a little bit easy to control. While on the double side, it becomes difficult as there is a chance of hitting. Use the nitro button and increase the speed during the race.

Carx Highway Racing Mod APK has natural colorful graphics that gives the player a real look at the race. There are a lot of superb racing cars available. Select your favorite car and enroll yourself in the race. The engines of all cars are brutal. These all car comes with next level torque. It requires a little bit of acceleration and it will cover a huge distance in a few seconds. More, you will find all car’s behavior actually as you are racing in real life.

As we all know everyone loves racing games. These racing games mostly include car and bikes race. Similarly, we all know everyone cannot afford to race cars and bikes. But Carx Highway Racing has all those cars that can fulfill your car racing wish. Race on highways with other fast sports cars and enjoy all the moments through. These high quality rival cars give you a tough time but your car is not less in features. it also gives them hard time.

Explore all the game and have fun. It has beautiful tracks in the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and other famous countries all around the world. Select your favorite country highway track and get into the trace. Improve the quality of your car and get better and better. When you think your car engine is brutal now challenge all the opponents and defeat them. There are long trip modes as well. These modes will help you in collecting more money.

Carx Highway Racing Mod APK Unlocked All Cars


The game starts with a demo video as many other racing games start for the information. These demo videos let you know all about the game in a few minutes. There are plenty of racing cars from different companies like Porsche, Toyota GR Supra, BMW, Mazda, and many others in Carx Highway Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money. Choose your dream car and race on several highways.

There are many control options. You can control the music, sound, car engine, and much more. Also, you can change the difficulty level of traffic on the highways. if you are new to the game then you must select a less difficult level but if you are a PRO player then can select the level accordingly. change the color, tire, engine, and more.

It comes with a number of dangerous levels. More, these levels have further stages. All stages are different from each other in difficulty. Some stages are between beautiful buildings, jungle, desert, mountain highways, and others. In Carx Highway Racing Mod APK Unlocked All Cars, complete all these levels and stages and earn more money. Spend this money on enhancing the game level while changing various things in the game. Check Apex Racing MOD APK

You can increase the nitro, acceleration, handling power, breaking, and much more with this money. The nitro option will help you in boosting the speed of your car when you are behind your enemy. When you think you are behind your rival then click on the nitro button and your car speed will convert into horsepower. Now, it all depends on the player when he you the nitro.


Race on the world’s best racing highways with online players and friends. Challenge them and earn money. All highways are full of traffic. This traffic will work as a hurdle in your way. in this traffic you will find, Buses, Cars, Vegans, and other sports cars. You just have to complete your stage while not hitting the traffic. Also, there are police in the game. If you do not follow the laws and are hit by other cars then the police will try to stop you.

So, without disobeying the traffic rules complete all levels and earn much more. This driving game offers different cameras, different control modes, and a great variety of cars. Use your best angle camera and control your car easily. Gameplay has a user friendly interface that helps you in understanding the game in a more easy way. Play Carx Highway Racing Mod APK OBB and have fun.

Carx Highway Racing APK

Key Features:

World best Cars Selection: 

It comes with the world’s best sports car collection. Each car has several features. These features make a difference between all these cars. These cars’ names are Colt R, Kioto XM, Paddy 250, and others. All the features of these cars like speed, power, handling, and acceleration are mentioned. So, these features help you in selecting your best racing car.

Select Your Favorite Car:

There are many best beast cars in Carx Highway Racing Mod APK Free. Select your dream car while looking up its features and get into the game. Drive your dream car and enjoy. Also, you have options for other car selections. Choose all cars and try all of them.

Enhance The Car Power:

While spending money and coins you can increase the speed of your car. It all depends on which stage you are racing. If you are not winning with the previous features of the car then you have the option of enhancing the power of the car. In this way, it will become easy for you to race.

Easy Setting Control:

Control all the settings accordingly. Like you can control the music and sound. If you only want the music then mute the sound. Similarly, if you want only sound then can mute the music. All in all can control the traffic difficulty level. There are many things that you can control according to your desire.

Race on Brutal Highways:

in Carx Highway Racing Mod APK there are many highways option in several countries. Choose your favorite country highway and race. Also, these racing highways are full of dangerous traffic. if you lose control of the car then you are in a danger and can die. So, always play with full mind intention.

Earn Unlimited Money and Much More:

This game gives you a chance to earn money, gold, coins, etc. At the start, you have little money. Spend this money on unlocking a car. Take part in the initial race. Earn a lot of money from these initial stages and further unlock the brutal machines.

Genuine 3 Dimensional Graphics:

It comes with brilliant 3 dimensional graphics that look so stunning. it gives the next level of experience that you will never experience in any car racing game before.

Different Cameras Angles:

Many racing games come with various camera angles similarly CarX Highway Racing also comes with 3 different camera angles as well. select your comfortable angle and control your car all the way.

Unlimited Money and Rewards:

When you follow the rules like not hitting with conner of the highways or with the traffic you earn unlimited money and rewards. Also, when you reached your destination on time then you are also rewarded with gifts and extra money.

Multiplayer Mode:

Comes with a multiplayer mode where you can challenge a number of players all around the world in a single stage.

Escape From Police:

When you break traffic laws then the police will try to chase you and try to catch you. The police guys also have high speed cars that can chase you in no time if you have low speed car. So, always come in high speed car otherwise the police will easily chase you.

Dozen Of unique Locations:

As it is already mentioned it has the world’s best highways all around the world. So, here you have the option of selecting dozen unique locations like night, day, skyscrapers, mountains, desert, and many others. These locations make the game more interesting for the players.

Carx Highway Racing Mod APK Unlimited Money

Mod Key Features:

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Fuel

More, Unlimited Coins

Unlocked All Cars and Highways

Unlimited Gold

No Ads

Free Shopping

All Bugs Fixed


Is CarX Highway Racing Online?

yes, it is an online game. In this game, you can challenge your friends and other players worldwide. Your main aim must be coming on place one in all formats of CarX Highway Racing.

Does CarX Highway Racing have offline mode?

Yes, it has, So, you can also play it offline where you do not need of internet.

Does CarX Highway Racing have sports cars?

It has 40 different types of cars. All cars have different features. So, yes it has also famous sports cars like BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others.

What is a CarX Highway Racing Mod APK?

It is an ultra HD graphics car racing game where you drive your car on several highways while unlocking the different cars.

Long Drive Routes:

Also, it has long routes highways for those who love driving on long routes. These long highways way names are cowboy walk, Night in the desert, hot walk, and drift Section. More distance your cover the more rewards you will win on these long routes.

Tips and Tricks:

Always use nitro when you are near the finishing. Because when you use it near the finishing point it converts the speed of the car too much high. More, always use nitro when you are on a plane track or traffic is less. Do not rush fast. take your time and then sit. As there are many vehicles over there on the highways that are running at high speed. Try to keep your distance from these vehicles as they can damage you or even cause death. Adjust the car power to maximum level.

Final Words:

For the people who love car racing games, this is for those. Plenty of featured cars. Worldwide racing highways.  Speed up your car on these racing highways and race with your rivals. Enhance your driving skills while playing CarX Highway Racing Mod APK. The realistic graphics with the best music and sound. Also, it has a drift option. if you love drifting then it is the best option for you. Also, long routes and highways are available where you can earn extra money, coins, and rewards. Simple is that experience world’s best sports cars driving on famous countries’ highways.



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