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There are many free to play games available in the market. All games have some age restrictions. Some are good for the child and some are for the adult. But when we talk about Animation Throwdown Mod APK it is available for both adults and kids. If you are a cartoon lover and want to play with them then you are in the right game. A game that lets you select your favorite character and play with it.

Animation Throwdown Mod APK

Do you love cards game? do you love to battle with your favorite cartoon character with friends and other online PRO players? If so then give a try to Animation Throwdown Mod APK. It is a card collection game. The main purpose of this game is to quest for cards to take a number of animation cards in battles. If you are new to card games it will look a little bit awkward. But if you are an experienced player then it will entertain you much more.

The game circle around five more famous cartoon series including FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, FUTURAMA, BOB’S BURGERS, and KING OF THE HILL. Collect all these cards and make your team more powerful. The more character you will collect the more powerful character team will you have by your side. Mix these cards together and get powerful skills and strength. Now, with all these characters participating in PVP battles. This PVP mode will allow you to battle with Tina, Gene, Linda, Bob, and Louise.

Throwdown comes with both the best and worst characters. The plot of the game is really interesting. Take your cards for an adventure mode where you can battle across theme levels against AI characters. Also, can battles in the arena against other multiplayer. Take parts in different challenging sieges and rumbles. All the modes are good and different from each other. These various modes make the game different.

Animation Throwdown Mod APK Unlimited Gems gives you permission to create your own teams and stays connected with other teams. Make good relations with other friends and share your award with them. These relations will help you in making more money while showing these cards to them. Have the best cards to your side and earn more respect and friendship.

Animation Throwdown Mod APK Unlimited Money

These all cards are different from each other. Some are defensive and some are attacking. So, when you are battling in the arena you can use them according to the situation. if you need defense select the defensive cards or want to attack select the attacking cards at that moment. Also, these all cards have several skills. These skills will also help in the arena. Moreover, can enhance power, strength, defensive position, and much more of these cards.

Each card placed automatically will attack against opponent cards unless the space will empty. The main aim is to destroy all the rival cards and defeat the hero. you can also combo up the cards to make them more powerful. If you are really a card game lover then do not waste more of your time and download the Animation Throwdown Mod APK from the given download link button.


Animation Throwdown starts with playing cards and it is always a place against the enemy. Show your cards power over your enemy. Wait for your turn and go attack the enemy. All the card characters will remain alive at all levels until the space will not empty with the cards. When it’s your turn you can go with a single card or a combo. When you will go with a combo the enemy will knock out in a single attack. Plane good strategies at each level. Mix your cards and make your cards team more powerful.

As all modes are different from each other so you will require various power at each mode. In the start, you can conquer the rival cards with small powers. But when it comes to huge and difficult levels you need more power and energy. Also, the last levels will take more of your time in unlocking them. So, remain patient until you unlock the new levels and new gem cards.

Animation Throwdown Mod APK Unlimited Gems

 Key Features:

Huge Cards Collection:

Collect a number of your favorite card characters. It’s all because you need a big deck. For a big deck, you need more and more cards. So, gather the more powerful cards and makes the game interesting.

Enjoy 200+ Cards Powers:

Animation Throwdown APK comes with 200+ cards. All cards have different strengths and power. Enjoy the power of all these cards and have fun.

Battle Arena:

You can battle with all these cards in an arena with your opponent. There are 30+ islands and each island has a superb card character for you that will help you in conquering more islands. So, defeat all the levels one by one and go into the depth of the game.

Create Super Fighter:

When you earn a lot of money then you can unlock a lot of other magical characters. Fight in the battles with these characters and combine two or more characters together. In this way, you can create super fighters that give them a tough time to the opponent. All in all, these fighters have more strength and protect from more damage. Also, you have the choice of which cards you want to mix and make a combo.

Upgradation Of Cards:

You can upgrade your cards at each level. More the upgrade cards you will have on your side the more chance of winning the battles. An upgraded card has more power and an unupgraded card. So, keep in mind that you have to upgrade your character before playing ongoing levels and modes.

No Time Limitation, and infinite hours For Playing:

When you start the game there is no time limit. The more, you play the more things and items you will unlock. If you have enough energy no one stops you from playing Animation Throwdown. Also, be patient as it will take much time in days and moth to end the last level.

Play Online Worldwide:

This game gives you permission to play online with the other best players and friends in PVP mode. This game has no restrictions for any country. So, if you are living in any country can play this worldwide. Challenge them in different battle modes and earn rewards and respect.


In Animation Throwdown you can build relationships with the other players. can sell and buy cards. Communicate with them and share your ideas. The more you communicate the more gaming strategies will come up to your mind.

Enjoy Different Modes:

It comes with several modes like adventure, PVP, and others. All modes have various hard levels. Overcome your opponent and win rewards.

Music and Sound:

The music and sound look so realistic. When you play and listen to the sound it feels like you are actually in the battle arena and fighting in real. It’s all because sounds give you a touch of the actual hearing.


The graphics are so awesome and can be enjoyed on all Android devices. In these graphics, the characters look as if they came from the cartoon world. Enjoy your favorite characters in this game while playing and watching on different operating systems.

Unlimited Money and Gems:

In this game, you have the opportunity of winning money and gems. More, you can utilize this money in unlocking other characters and shopping.

Animation Throwdown APK

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked All Characters
  • Unlimited Money
  • More, Unlimited Gems
  • No Ads
  • No Bugs

More Amazing  ThingAbout Animation Throwdown:

There is a number of characteristics that you have seen on your tv. Here we will elaborate on how they relate to each other and how they worked. I hope you will find all this cool and amazing.

  • Family Guy: Quagmire, Peter, Joi, Brian, Lois, Chris, Meg, Joe, Stewie, and their friends on this amazing adventure.
  • Bob’s Burgers: Here Bob, his beloved wife Linda, and their children will make you laugh while telling the stories of their restaurant.
  • Futurama: Join our friendly pizza delivery guy Fry who accidentally wakes up in the future. Together with his sole descendants, experience epic adventures with Fry and his friends.
  • American Dad: CIA agent’s daily life where you’ll meet his family of his loving wife Francine, liberal daughter Halley, and troubled teenage son Steve.
  • King of the Hill: Join Hank Hill, his family, and friends in an exciting adventure.


How to get free gems in animation throwdown Mod?

Complete the daily quest and win unlimited gems.

Is animation throwdown Mod APK free?

Yes, it is totally free when you download it from the given download button.

How do I increase my deck size in Throwdown Mod APK?

When you win more battles you can unlock more cards. So, If you bring more cards to your side then you can increase the size of your deck.


If you are a cartoon lover and want to fight with your favorite character then it is the perfect choice for you. This give gives you permission to choose one of your best characters and fight. Provide you amazing stability and engage you during the whole gameplay. Moreover, It will take a little bit more time in days to finish and get more power cards. So, you have to be patient during the whole game. All in all, different mods are given with the setup in Animation Throwdown Mod APK. Download all the mods and enjoy the game. In last, I must say it is a time taken game. the player who remains all the time free can play it easily. Even if you are a job holder then do not worry because you can play it on Sunday.



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